The New Ultra-Light DJI Mavic Mini Flies at 30MPH, Doesn’t Require FAA Registration

Published on October 31, 2019

In a recent event, DJI released its latest ultra-light drone, named DJI Mavic Mini. The device is expected to fly at a 30mph speed and seeks no FAA registration. The method is the smallest and the lightest device ever created by the company. The device comes with four foldable legs and weighs only 74 grams more than the Samsung Galaxy S10+. 

Image Credit: Android Police

The device is pegged for $399 and is widely available for both veterans and amateurs alike. On the other hand, the method is well suited for recording standard pictures and is known for the pocket-friendly feature of the same. The decent camera and video-recording capabilities make it suitable only for fun only, unlike drones that are used for professional professions. 

Digging Deep on the Specifications

The details of the device were released beforehand. However, with the official launch, the device comes with a wide range of opportunities that make it a go-to-buy product of all time — the device measures 140mm x 82mm x 57mm when folded and weighs around 249 grams during take-offs. The following purpose makes the device used for recreational purposes only and hence does not require an FAA license, unlike commercial drones.

The device comes with a range of facilities and has a limit of 4 kilometers only. The device comes with a flight time of 30 minutes only and is well equipped with a GPS tracker. Furthermore, the device comes with obstacle avoidance systems like Active Track, which are only available for the expensive models of the company.

The Mavic Mini’s photo and video capabilities come between $500 and $919 slots while the $500 slot is unavailable for use. The device is well equipped with a sensor that allows it to take pictures of 12 megapixels. On the other hand, the device could capture videos up to 2.7k at 30fps only.

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