The New Microsoft Windows Lite: Faster Than Earlier

Published on December 18, 2018

The maximum number of people in the world are there which are using Microsoft Windows for work in their COmputers as well laptop. They have been using the Windows RT which is great and if we talk about the latest, it is the Windows 10 S. These are the well-known Windows but do you know about the Windows Lite? No, you don’t therefore, let us try to know this Window. The Window Lite is the lightweight Window till date launched by Microsoft or any other company. The Microsoft has officially claimed that this Window Lite is designed with a motive to give credible competition to Google’s Chrome OS and most importantly the Chromebooks.

Know more about Window Lite:
Microsoft promises that this new Window Lite which will be available in the future will be the fastest and leaner than earlier all the Window operating systems. The earlier most fastest Window was the Window 10 S but the Window Lite has also broken the record and became the most fastest Windows for users. It was also mentioned that the Lite will be only run UWP application, which is only available on Microsoft store and Progressive Web Apps for download and can be run online easily with offline speed.

Windows Lite does have a strength of working with any sort of CPU which can be provided with a wide array of options basically for all the manufacturers and consumers. If this Window Lite is better than Window 10 S then it is bit obvious that it will be always connected to you and will get instantly active. As earlier Qualcomm promises that their CPUs will give a good battery backup of at least 20 hours in counted numbers of the laptop, therefore that was with the earlier Windows, but nowhere is the Lite which have the Snapdragon 8cx, and will come in the second half of 2019.

The most interesting thing in the Windows Lite is that the structure and the design have completely changed and now it will have a good design with more functionality. If we talk in a straight language then it means that it will not like the earlier Windows. Window Lite contains the fresh look and feel. Also, there is a scope for the Windows Lite by getting replace with the Microsoft Edge. Therefore it seems that it will be interesting and now everybody will wait for the Lite version for improving the task speed and their laptop.

The main question comes is that from when the Windows Lite will be available? The official launch date of Windows Lite is still not been updated by Microsoft. However, if, as he says, hints of the new OS are appearing in Windows Insider builds, the lean OS may be quite far along in development. Today, the official Windows is the Windows 10 S which is running in most of the laptops and computers. It is also with the OS platform. The users will then have to work on Window 10 S itself till the Window Lite is not coming your home.

The Microsoft has also decided that report about the new Window will be out soon in the Microsoft Build 2019 conference. Also, Microsoft has not given the updates about that too but by last year’s time period it is bit obvious that it will take place in the month of April and May, therefore, now we can completely understand that we just have six months to wait for Windows Lite and making out laptop more reliable and soft working. Also, some also thought Window Lite might be launched on the conference day itself.
The good news about this new Window is that it will come pre-installed in the laptops which will target only a few people such as the home people and students so that they could come up with their work easier and faster with the Windows Lite. One more news which is true is that it will not be with the outside enterprises.

This new Window will be helping to those which feels Window laptops are failed to perform a task and are getting stuck in the problems every time and also by taking more time.

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