The Lenovo Yoga A940: An Artist’s Companion

Published on February 27, 2019

Ever since Microsoft released the Surface Studio 2, most graphic designers have moved onto that drawing tablet thanks to a plethora of options and accessibility that it offers. However, for the many things that the Surface Studio 2 does right its biggest drawback is the high price tag.

With a price tag of over $3,000, most aspiring designers and artists cannot afford this absolute beast of a computer. To provide these artists with an equivalent of the Surface 2, Lenovo has come to answer their call in their new newest addition in the Yoga lineup, the Yoga A940.

The Lenovo Yoga A940 was unveiled at CES 2019 as a direct competitor to the Surface Studio 2. The Yoga A940 comes with a multitude of features that are not just comfortable, but are sorely missing in most computers of this type.

The 27” UHD 4K display along with an IPS touch display is the highlight of the Yoga A940, as it offers incredibly bright and beautiful pictures with extreme details. Other than the awesome screen, the A940 comes with a keyboard that attaches to the PC with magnets and a mouse that sits on a built-in mouse pad with a small groove for the pen and wireless charging for your phone.

At the side of the screen you have a knob and you can map certain functions to this knob, depending on the application you are running. That is not all as the screen itself has two USB-A ports on both the right and left side to which you can connect the knob or any other peripheral.

Lenovo has managed to do a great job to give the thriving digital art community a cheaper and more versatile machine. The A940 will be released in March 2019, with a starting price of $2,359.

Photo credit: Lenovo

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