Telegram updates app with multiple accounts support

Published on January 1, 2018

The telegram has been a subject of major scrutiny in 2017. The chatting platform has been avoiding all the possible government attempts of collecting user data through their support. However, Telegram has fought hard for the right of the users. It is now entering the New Year with newer resolutions and better features. According to a report published by Engadget, Telegram users are going to find the application a lot more helpful than it already is as it is finally extending support for multiple accounts on Android.

Telegram App

Image Credit- Android Police

Telegram recently announced that their updated application is designed to support at least three consequent accounts with different mobile numbers at the same time. Interested Telegram users can now start the switch between the side menus. Following which, they will start receiving notifications for all their accounts, regardless of which one is active. The updated feature is scheduled to arrive on Android first and will be followed on the IOS app afterward.

Apart from this, Telegram is also providing its users with the chance to change the way their application looks. These changes can be made through the “Appearance” settings option of Telegram. The IOS version of the application has a number of themes to choose from, including a Dark “Night Time” theme as well as a “Day” theme with bright colors which can also be tweaked. However, this change in appearance does not hold as much importance as the ability to switch to multiple accounts at the same through a simple tap of a finger.

“Unlike the other two in Telegram’s update list, both mobile platforms share version 4.7’s last new feature: quick replies. You can simply swipe left on a friend’s text bubble to write a reply specifically for that part of the conversation, so you can type up multiple responses without confusing yourself and your friend,” the report by Engadget reads.

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