Talk to Alexa assistant through its app, here’s how

Published on January 23, 2018

Amazon has steadily extended its Alexa reach over the last year or so. Its digital voice assistant has shown up in a lot of unexpected places. Smart users can find Alexa’s presence in cars, glasses, televisions, mirrors, light switches and even kitchen appliances.

Amazon Alexa

The e-commerce giant is doing all that it possibly can to ensure that the technologically-driven world honestly feels Alexa’s presence. In a similar effort, the firm launched its Alexa application which allows users to talk to the digital voice assistant without having to purchase a product that comes preloaded with it.

According to a report published by CNET, Amazon has launched its Alexa application only for Android platforms as of now. Amazon responded by saying that they plan on extending Alexa app’s IOS support soon. Exactly how fast would that be? Only time will tell. Users who are interested in getting started with the latest version of the Alexa application on Android will have to wait for their operating systems to be compatible with the platform.

The feature is expected to appear in the App Store, and for this, you must keep a check on how soon the update will be made available. Once the feature is available for use, you will be required to activate the application by allowing it with access to device’s location as well as the microphone.

Users can tap open Alexa by clicking anywhere within the application. You can then virtually command it to perform functions for you. The application’s interface comes with a few tweaks in terms of interface.

For example, the placement of different options such as the Home, Conversation and Media Playback tabs have slightly changed. Unfortunately, there is no wake word that one can use to activate the application or Alexa, to be precise. Users will have to manually tap open the application and then command Alexa to do whatever they may please.

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Amazon Alexa
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