Surveillance Challenges IT Departments Face

Published on October 28, 2020
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Taking into consideration various newly evolving security issues, the corporate world and IT departments are often facing an array of challenges. The IT department has been working day and night to find the best and innovative solutions facing corporate surveillance issues. With the evolving industry, IT teams are bound to deliver robust security systems with increased value to safeguard business interests. On the flip side, employers are always looking for technologies through which they can enhance and innovate business performance. 

Main challenges to IT departments in the surveillance system   

However, the three main challenges that the IT team are currently facing in managing the surveillance system of any business organization are – 

  • Searching the necessary video files that are stored in the archived footage
  • Managing the huge volume of the data of the day to day video footage
  • Impact of the IT system on the bandwidth of the network of the organization. 

Surveillance Challenges to IT department

A good video surveillance system is essential for almost all businesses and that is the reason why it is very important to install CCTV cameras in every business organization. However, it is not easy to manage and maintain the footage of CCTV cameras and it is the responsibility of the IT department to manage the video surveillance systems. The Surveillance system has now come up with motion sensors, automatic mobile notifications, and automatic contacting law enforcement that mainly functions as miniature computers in the CCTV cameras. Apart from that, several newer technologies are invented that can provide efficient ways to manage as well as store recordings of the CCTV camera and which helps the business owners to get access to the past videos very easily. 

System evolution needs knowledge and investment 

Nowadays the IT team of any surveillance system uses DVR with the help of which it has now become possible to convert Analog CCTV video into digital video. This makes it possible for the organization to take the advantage of remote monitoring, greater storage capacity as well as a quick and easy search of the necessary footage. The digital storage system has enhanced storage capacity and data management remarkably. The technology in this realm has been changing constantly. It makes changes in hardware and software applications a regular process. It needs upgraded knowledge as well as investment. 

Shift from a traditional analog system to digital 

It was not very long ago when most of the IT team members of the surveillance system used to use VCR for recording individual video streams. In such cases, the CCTV camera is used to record the footage either continuously or triggered by an event. The cassette tape uses to record the CCTV footage at a rate of 25 frames per second. But with the invention of DVR the IT team has now come up with an advanced solution and regardless of the type of surveillance camera, the business organization uses CCTV video footage gets stored automatically on the DVR which contains software, video storage, and a computer hard disk all in a single unit. Apart from that DVR accepts the analog video footage and converts it into digital footage. Thus, with the help of DVR, it has now possible to migrate the Analog CCTV footage into a digital surveillance solution. If the IT department is using the analog system, change to digital is essential and in many places mandatory. 

With time some effective solutions will also be created that will help the IT team to handle the issue more effectively. With the invention of DVR, remote monitoring, digital storage, video compression, a secured connection has now become possible which has made the job of the IT team a lot easier.    

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