Surface Phone’s camera leaked in patents

Published on January 9, 2018

Endless rumors and speculations regarding Microsoft’s Surface Phone have been around for over two years now. As we proceed deeper into 2018, there are more and more signs suggesting that the Redmond giant might actually be applying serious effort into making a comeback into the mobile device market. Recent patents showcase the possible camera unit portion of the Surface Phone. It goes without saying that what has now been revealed is actually pretty impressive.

Microsoft Surface Phone

According to a report published by Inquistr, MS Power User recently discovered a new set of patents that reveal information regarding the yet-to-be-announced Surface Phone. The patents reveal a variety of mechanisms that would pretty much enable the Surface Phone to pack a powerful camera despite its thin frame.

According to the information provided by MS Power User, rumors and speculations regarding the Surface Phone are pretty high – all of which suggests that the handset will be about 6mm thick. This could limit the options for Microsoft to integrate a heavy-duty camera system on the smartphone. The freshly-leaked patents, however, suggest otherwise.

“It seems like Microsoft has found not one but three possible solutions to its camera phone problems,” the report by Inquistr reads. “One of the systems that Microsoft seems to be exploring is called a Split-Camera Auto-Alignment, which would require the company to split the Surface Phone’s camera module in two, with one side housing half the components and another side housing the other,” the report added.

The given system is expected to make use of micro-mechanisms in order to carry out a similar imaging technology. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) might also dedicate itself to enhancing the quality of the camera. However, this is a rather complicated mechanism, which could potentially cause Microsoft to face problems in production later. Microsoft still hasn’t provided any comment on this matter as yet. It, therefore, remains to be seen whether the camera was meant for Surface Phone or not.

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