Snapchat’s desperate push leads to ‘Stories Everywhere’

Published on December 29, 2017

Facebook is currently ruling the social media platform. Be it through the photo-editing application, Instagram or chatting application called WhatsApp. In a time like this, Snapchat is nowhere to be found. Snap Inc., originally known as Snapchat, is reportedly working on adding a new feature. The new feature is called, ‘Stories Everywhere,’ and is supposed to be added to enable Snapchat users to share stories outside the application itself.

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This report first emerged from live-streaming news network, Cheddar. The new feature is going to be called, ‘Stories Everywhere.’ According to a report published by The Verge, the new feature is specifically designed to enhance the platform’s presence in the market. The developers want to push the Snapchat app as the core mobile application as competition with other arch-competitors, Facebook as well as Instagram.

Snapchat first went public earlier in February this year. The social media platform is experiencing a difficult time currently. This is mostly due to it’s stagnating user growth and lack of flow in revenue.

The company also further goes on to suffer an abysmal third quarter this year. The disappointing figures that rolled in for Snapchat for all the departments have frightened the developers even more. One of the main reasons why Snapchat is having such a difficult time is because of the growing popularity of its arch-rivals like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook’s ability to replicate Snapchat’s primary features have been working on in their favor.

The developers at Snapchat have recently dedicated themselves to working towards making the social media platform highly user-friendly by nature. They plan on starting off by redesigning the platform altogether. The first hurdle that they faced in this process was that their primary feature was only available for a limited number of users. Therefore, in order to give others access to their primary feature, they plan on expanding it on other platforms as well. The firm also added another section called, ‘Discover’ to its platform in the recent past. Users can scroll through different content in the ‘Discover’ section.

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