Snapchat getting disowned: Know why?

Published on October 30, 2018

Snapchat which was one of the most amazing social media networks, in which users can share videos as well as photos to their friends. Users can also make a group of their friends and family for sharing the photos as well as videos. There are many social networking sites on which users can interact with their loved ones, such as Facebook, Instagram and yes Snapchat too. If you will look towards the reports about the social media networks (how much they are used), therefore you will find Instagram at the topmost level. The reports which were out earlier this year, it was found that Facebook was at the top with the highest percentage of people. 

THe Snapchat app is seen on an iPhone on 10 May, 2017. Snap inc, Snapchats parent company recently announced it will allow users to make Snaps of indefinite length, a feature some say beats the point of the application. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Now we found that Instagram, it has become of the most leading social networking sites with the highest proportion of users and majorly teenagers(teens) and reports also said that it has replaced Snapchat (once better) as the most used social media platform in the country of U.S.

You all must be aware that Instagram (most used social site) is owned by Facebook (the social networking site with millions of users). Reports said that Instagram and Snapchat are having around an equal number of users or the visitor.

We have a proper statistic for you all, that how many users use which, therefore, 85% said they use Instagram monthly, while 84% said they use Snapchat. Twitter (TWTR) was third at 46%, then Facebook at 36%. Facebook fell to 36% in the latest survey from 45% in the spring. As said above about the Snapchat, Instagram work as same with sharing photos and videos but with some different features.

Everybody is familiar with how Facebook works and the true facts was that Facebook is the most commonly used, but now people have disowned Facebook (“Facebook continues to exhibit declining engagement among the teen demographic” as said in the reports). because of Instagram. This information was provided by the reports in the market, which is something bad for Facebook. 

Not only this, between Instagram and Snapchat the talks are really hard because snapchat has claimed on Snapchat for copying its most of the feature and also implementing in the same ways, also Instagram argued Snapchat for having the same design when Snapchat said it has its redesign in February.

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