Smart cooking app that is compatible with Google Assistant

Published on January 9, 2018

Individuals will soon be able to make use of numerous voice commands in order to navigate through the applications on their smartphones or smart home devices. Thanks to the recently introduced Innit application, individuals will now be able to control GE and Bosch Wi-Fi ovens simply through their voice commands.

Smart cooking app that is compatible with Google Assistant

According to a report published by CNET, the latest application called Innit is specifically designed to connect different recipes for individuals over to Wi-Fi ovens. They will now work directly with the Google Assistant. This product was first unveiled at the CES event that took place in Las Vegas earlier today.

Thanks to this integration, users will have a much easier time to control their smart home products. You will be able to deliver voice commands to navigate through different applications. The application is compatible with both the platforms, IOS and Android. Users will also be able to deliver voice commands to GE and Bosch Wi-Fi, which specifically come with the support for this feature.

They have reportedly collaborated with Innit so that individuals can control the appliances through the support of the application. In other words, you can simply say the wake phrase called, “Hey, Google,” and expect the Assistant to carry out whatever function that you ordered it to. Individuals can preheat their ovens or even cue up cooking instructions through the use of the Innit application. Individuals no longer required the support of a smart-home speaker that is supported by Google Assistant to carry out this particular function. All the necessary instructions are available within the Innit application.

It appears like this year’s CES is being ruled over by voice-activated devices along with TVs. As noted by CNET, “Voice commands will be the easiest way to add technology to your cooking routine.” Whirlpool earlier this week announced its Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, which includes a new over-the-range microwave. It is expected to work with Google Assistants and Amazon Alexa.

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Smart cooking app that is compatible with Google Assistant
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