Skype kills Snapchat like the feature and focuses on simplicity

Published on September 14, 2018

In recent years it has been seen that Skype has floundered which is said to be increased in the competition which is from the services like WhatsApp, Discord, and Hangouts along with others. It is an effort to gain back market share.


It is seen that the Microsoft has now released the desktop as well as mobile apps which is with the features like add-ons as well as Snapchat like Highlights. The team of Skype is said to be now flip-flopping as it has announced an all-new focus on the simplicity as well as usability.

As per the blog post of the team, it is said that as Skype has got some function which has expanded so that it has got the complexity. With this, any type of feature the rich product has maintained the simplicity while they enhance the functionality to critical to the usability. In this past year, we have explored along with some design changes that have heard from the customers that we have all overcomplicated with some of our core scenarios.

The new approach by the Microsoft is all about the design of the Skype that includes the refocusing of the people who still use the service like video calls, calling as well as messaging. The mobile apps are said to be redesigned to remove the features that include the uses as well as the simply clutter of the user interface. On the desktop version, the company is now moving all the chats, contacts, calls as well as notifications to the top left of the window so that it will get the place for the navigation.

According to Skillman, the company is now looking at the people who all use the Skype apps which all have performed the extensive testing across the global markets as well as building the prototypes to test the new concepts. It is believed that they are listening to the feedback who all are wholly committed to improving the Skype experience which is based on the things that people says.

Currently, a new version of Skype is rollout which is Skype v8.29. This new version is now rolled out to all the platforms which can remove the Highlights features that have added during the last year. These new Highlights are said to be the same as that of the Snapchat stories. As per the team, they said that they did not resonate with the majority of the users as well as the bottom of the tab bar which has got three entries that include contacts, chats as well as calls.

It is seen that the Skype has now improved its service and now moved its peer to peer service to server-based service.

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