With these simple steps you can turn your iPhone into an Android smartphone

Published on December 26, 2017

You have decided to make the switch from Apple’s iPhone to Google’s Android this year. Take a note, that these two are very different ecosystems and it will take time for users to get adjusted. It might end up being a troublesome process of changing to your new device. There’s an easy way to ensure that you make the OS jump without experiencing a lot of pain.

iPhone into Android

As noted by Android Headlines, following given is the entire process of making the final switch from Apple IOS and Google Android:

The first step to undertake when it comes to making the switch and ensuring that all your old contacts get transferred to your new device. This IOS to Android transition is perhaps, the most basic and simple one. Users can make this switch from IOS to Android through the use of Cloud. For this, you must hold an active iCloud account, and you must sync all the contacts. Download the contacts on your PC and transfer it into the Google Contacts application, which is already present on your PC. Once you have imported the connections, you’re pretty much done.

The same step is expected to be followed when it comes to transferring images and videos from the IOS ecosystem to the Android ecosystem. This process is also pretty easy and can be carried out without the support of an Internet connection. Note that this transitioning will take place from the Camera Roll and you must have access to Windows PC during the procedure.

After which you can just connect your iPhone to a computer via the cable connection. After you’re done transferring the data into your PC, disconnect the iPhone and connect the Android device to the same PC. Search and spot the ‘DCIM’ folder and copy paste all the saved files into the Gallery app.

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With these simple steps you can turn your iPhone into an Android smartphone
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