SEO Tricks That Can Get You On #1 Ranking In 2020

Published on February 25, 2020

Even though the business landscape has changed a lot in the new decade, one thing that continues to be the same is the desire to be on the top of search rankings. Being on number one in Google searches is perhaps a dream come true for any business website. However, this is easier said than done, particularly in the wake of the ever-changing search algorithms. There is much that you need to keep pace with to stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, there are some SEO basics that you have to adhere to for sustaining your position up there. Here are a few SEO tips that can help you in securing the number one ranking in 2020. 

Trick #1: Content matters the most!  

One aspect of acing the SEO game is content and you cannot just imagine coming to the top without having quality content on your website. You may do everything else right but failing on the content front can waste all the efforts. With the rollout of the BERT algorithm in 2019, Google pays attention to the context of words in user search queries rather than their literal meaning. As a result, the only way to make your content result-oriented is by focusing on clear writing that is meant for humans rather than search engines. Of course, you must include keywords but it should be done smartly.  

Trick #2: Update your existing content 

Everyone knows how important it is for any website to create new content through its lifespan. However, it is worth noting that Google also pays attention to your existing content. Updating the old stuff, therefore, can be the magic pill that gets you great results with less work. Focus on refreshing your website pages at least once every six months. The relevance of the refreshed content matters as well because Google prioritizes it over everything else. Having a good look at the user’s search intent and aligning your content is the best way to push your website towards the top. 

Trick #3: Go niche with long-tailed keywords 

While valuable and informative content is like the soul of your website, keywords are its heart. If you want to reach the top in 2020 and stay there as well, make the right keyword choice right from the start. Prioritize niche-focused, long-tailed keywords because they get you connected with relevant traffic, with users who are more likely to convert. Rather than investing your efforts in getting traffic volumes, you should utilize a more targeted approach by leveraging long-tailed keywords.  

Trick #4: Voice SEO sets you apart  

Another SEO trick that can set you apart in the current landscape is optimizing your website for voice searches. The growing number of voice searches is enough to prove that you will be able to make it to the top only if you rework on your strategy. Essentially, it is all about having conversational keywords in your content because users who search via voice tend to use such keywords only. Similarly, a focus on featured snippets, semantic search, and attention to local search elements such as online directories and review websites are some of the tactics you will have to embrace. 

Trick #5: Realign your link building strategy 

A healthy backlink profile is undoubtedly the backbone of an effective SEO plan. When it comes to backlinks that drive results, it is going to be more about quality than numbers in the year ahead. You can go through this explanation from to understand how you can drive your link building plan for getting you on number one in search rankings. Basically, you need to pay attention to factors such as Domain Authority (DA) and Page Rank (PR) of the linking site while you build backlinks. Niche relevance is equally important because it provides exposure to the target audience, which naturally wins Google’s trust and good ranking. 

Trick #6: Invest in video marketing 

Another way in which you can get the most amazing results with your SEO strategy in 2020 is by investing in video marketing. Compelling pieces of video content can bring you amazing benefits from the ranking perspective because they have better chances of being clicked. At the same time, visuals are always more engaging as compared to text. The best approach with video marketing is to invest in interesting videos such as brand narrative, product stories, and user reviews. Not only do they engage the audience, but win your brand the trust of the evidence. And anything that makes the users happy delights Google as well!  

Trick #7: User Experience (UX) wins the game 

As mentioned before, Google prefers websites that pay attention to the user experience and places them on the top. UX is not confined to great content that serves relevant information and a good value to the users. It is also about a fluid design, intuitive navigation, excellent page loading speed, and good responsiveness. If you are able to cover all these fronts effectively, your site will definitely ace SEO and make it on the top of the search rankings.  

Trick #8: Don’t forget security at any cost 

Meeting the technical SEO requirements will matter even more in 2020 and beyond and security is an aspect that you cannot afford to ignore. If your website is not secure, it obviously indicates that you don’t have good intentions to serve the users. This translates as a negative signal to Google and it will push your website down the search rankings. So it is absolutely necessary to use https on your website if you want it to rank on number one. Keeping an eye on security and addressing any flaws quickly is equally important to earn and sustain rankings.  

Now that you know all these SEO tricks that have the potential to rank your website on the number, you must go ahead and implement them. The sooner you do it, the better are your chances of making it to the top. Also, ensure that you are consistent with your efforts so that you can sustain your position up there.  

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