See The World of Quantum Supremacy Inside Google’s Quantum Lab

Published on October 24, 2019

On Wednesday, Google disclosed the result in the journal Nature. After a long-awaited milestone in quantum computing, Google has achieved quantum supremacy. The quantum computer is the first machine to perform a calculation that would be practically impossible for a classical device.

Image Credit: Business Live

Martinis says that quantum supremacy has long been seen as a milestone because of the quantum computer that can outperform classical computers. The physicist and computer scientists are developing a network that you have never seen before in an unassuming office that is in between the mountainous and coastal vistas of Goleta, California. The office is situated on the side of a building next to the freeway.
The company claims and estimated that their Sycamore Quantum computer was able to complete a problem in 200 seconds that a supercomputer would need 10,000 years to solve. Google gave a fist look at their device to the journalist and explained to them how they were able to complete the experiment.
Qubits said that the quantum computer represents data using artificial atoms rather than a classical computer, which we’re using transistors to represent data in zeros and ones. Quantum computer takes on zero or one and produces long strings of binary code just like classical computers do. But while calculating, they take one states between zero and one, which determines how likely you are to get zero or one on the final measurement.
The first quantum supremacy was designed by Google scientists back in 2016. Specific protocols are created to use such a calculation to prove to a user that the bits generated by a quantum random-number generator are random. There are many rafts of improvement to their hardware that are being carried out by Google engineers to run the algorithm, including building new electronics to control the quantum circuit and a new way to connect qubits.

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