Samsung’s foldable smartphone to come with 3D touch

Published on January 6, 2018

There have been a lot of rumors and speculations regarding Samsung’s highly-speculated smartphone, Galaxy X. The handset-in-question is believed to be foldable by nature. The rumors regarding the same have been around since the South Korean technology giant started publishing patents suggesting the same. Now, a new set of patents from Samsung goes on to reveal newer information about the alleged smartphone.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone to come with 3D touch

According to a report published by Deccan Chronicle, the upcoming smartphone is going to be built through the use of a flexible material. The material will allow the handset to bend when its owners apply a substantial amount of force. The patent further goes on to suggest that the pressure which will be applied to the display, will end up consisting of a pressure sensitive touch-screen.

This will allow the handset to determine how much pressure is being applied to the smartphone. This is not the first time that such a feature is showing up online. Previously, the feature was seen on Apple’s iPhone 6S. The feature on Apple’s product is called 3D Touch. “The patent shows a device that looks like a thinner version of the ZTE Axon M. It suggests a smartphone features a hinge that connects the two screens using a hinge that also allows the phone to be closed,” the Deccan Chronicle report adds.

Samsung has been working towards adding screen protection to its smartphone innovation for long. Apart from this, the patent also shows both displays featuring a camera and speaker, though it’s possible that there are a third camera and speaker on the rear panel. We might also get to see a stylus for the device. The company is expected to take the wraps off newer smartphones at the official CES event scheduled to take place next month. Additional details regarding the same will be available as and when time proceeds forward.

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Samsung’s foldable smartphone to come with 3D touch
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