Samsung’s first foldable phone will be out soon

Published on June 22, 2018

The today’s youth need interesting features in a phone, so now there is new  Galaxy X, Samsung’s first foldable phone, launches next year and it’ll surely be one of the new handset released. Importantly this Samsung phone has a total of three screens therefore if the rumours are on their place and correct this phone will allow switching between a smaller phone form factor and a tablet-sized phone. It is pronounced that not only one company will have the command on these type of devices, but yes, Samsung will be the first and best to make a foldable gadget that looks good. Always one or the other sucks in between likeways this time the  ZTE Axon M sucks, and I wish it never existed.

They claimed that they would not pay $2,000 for a foldable iPhone X if it launched next year that is why there is no way in the world I’d even consider buying a Samsung foldable phone. For purchasing phone money would be the main reason therefore for not buying it the idea is in front, because it is evident that first foldable phones in the world will be costly because it’s not easy to manufacture them but yes it is sure that price will be dropped in the coming time or nearby future as soon as the other competitors start manufacturing these type of foldable phones and start further refine parts production and improve yields. Samsung is still the best mobile brand ever, so it is not just about the price, but it is the way Samsung operates it’s all over the mobile business.

This would be highly interesting one that the Samsung is developing a new form factor based on Android without controlling the underlying operating system, now this is clear that to take advantage of all this extra screen real estate without waiting for Google to do it Samsung will have to invent a new user interface and features for it. Before Google adopted the notch just like Android vendors launching handsets with iPhone X-like notches early this year. Now go and focus on the display of Galaxy S and Note phones, a design almost nobody else copied, Samsung made it by trying to convince users they’re useful and to devise an entire UI and apps for the edges. Edge design does well is to maximise the screen real estate of those phones and reduce the side bezels, keeping this in mind even Samsung reduced the curvature of those edges in the Galaxy S9, to increase the phone’s durability.

So now the galaxy Xs main feature will be that the fact that it can become more compact than a tablet. But before this, we have to inevitably be waiting for someone to make a compelling case as to how foldable screens may be used in tablet mode, the question comes that Will Samsung be the company that defines the foldable phone given that, as it is now, Android isn’t as tablet-friendly as iOS?

Last but not the least

Now we would all wait for summer 2019 when  Android R rolls out, possibly with some features that support foldable smartphone designs, now the usually wants a question that how long will it take Samsung to update the Galaxy X to the latest Android version? In theory, this year’s Galaxy S9 and Note 9 should receive Android P a lot faster, because they support Google’s project Treble.

Samsung has an excellent understanding that doesn’t have an excellent track record in issuing fast software updates for its flagship phones that are used by millions of people, and yes $2000 is a right amount by which Samsung can sell millions of unit of Galaxy X.  Samsung’s incentive to prioritize Android updates for a device that’ll have a few hundred thousand users at best over the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 this arises many times. And yes a foldable iPhone, meanwhile, will not only come with guaranteed iOS software updates, but it’d also pack a bunch of iOS features that Apple is devising specifically for the new form factor and Samsung is sure that Apple finally has the foldable phone ready, think 2020 or even later than that, it’ll hopefully be a lot cheaper than $2,000.

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