Samsung will now use your palm to help you find your forgotten password

Published on December 4, 2017

You might be a victim of password forgotten issue that gives a significant stress. In some of the devices, there is an option which provides hints, the method is quite useful but not secured as much. Any close one can predict that advice and can take over your phone.

Samsung is now working to find a way with which your palm can be the only hit to guess your phone’s password. The company has just filed for a patent, but the actual testing and implementation is still missing. This is also sure that the upcoming few flagships of the company will not gain this security feature.

The patent application submitted by Samsung reveals that the unique lines present on your palm will suggest you the hint of your password in incomplete characters. Samsung is working on a project to make a system which can read the palm prints to project the guess for the password.

Now there could be a free point of this that any image of your palm can help to get the clues of your password. Samsung will add some more criteria to get the clue like the depth of the palm lines or can be something.

The idea is still on papers and needs a first execution which will tell how the plans were? And can apply to the smartphones? The upcoming Galaxy S9 will surely not get this feature, and we can also say that the later on the launch of Note 9 will even not come with this feature. While another feature in-display fingerprint scanner can be added to the upcoming Galaxy S9 or Note 9 which will be the new turning point for Samsung’s flagship smartphones.


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