Samsung users report their Smartphone sends photos to contacts randomly

Published on July 6, 2018

Some of the potential Samsung users have complaints that their mobile phones have been sending pictures to their phone contacts randomly without their consent. According to the reports, the devices that show these problems include the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 8. The owners of these Smartphones complain that the default application for sending messages, the Samsung messages, pushed photos, and scheduled texts to the random contacts and there is no history of the messages being sent.

One of the users of the Galaxy S9+ says that his Smartphone sent the entire library of photos to a contact in the midnight while he was not using his phone and him thanks later that the contact was one of his close friends. There was no evidence that the mass photo was shared through the Smartphones but it showed up on his T-Mobile logs. He also mentioned in the reports that he has never used the shared tab before in his Samsung Galaxy app that lets the users send the photos through the messaging apps, social media or email without having to leave the photo gallery.

This problem also appears to be affecting the text messages as well. The Samsung Galaxy S9 support board displayed that a user said that Samsung messages became buggy when the T-Mobile advanced messaging update on his phone. The errors consisted of the scheduled text messages ending up in the otherwise threads. Most of the complaints that have posted the reports online are from the people who said that they are T-Mobile users and have updated the Samsung messages recently that lead to the conclusion that the carrier’s latest updates have triggered the problem.

The RCS or the Rich Communication services are supposed to improve the texting format by adding features such as group chat, video, GIF support and file and location sharing. As numerous accounts said that the pictures had been randomly sent to the phone contacts, there is also speculation that the issue affects shared plans as well. A spokesperson from Samsung made a statement where he mentioned that the company is aware of the reports regarding the recurring problem and the technical team is looking into the matter in detail. The customers who are facing these problems can call directly at the toll-free number of Samsung customer care to get instant help.

There are currently two solutions that can help you if you are undergoing the same problem with your phone. You can go to the app settings in your phone and revoke the Samsung message’s ability to access your phone’s storage that means that it will no longer be able to send anything stored on your gallery to anyone. This might get you into problems because it means that if you do not want to send pictures or files with this app, you have to restore the permission again. The second solution is to stop using the Samsung messages until the company says the problem has been updated and opt for the third-party app instead.

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