Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: The Next Generation of Galaxy

Published on March 29, 2019

Samsung is a famous brand when it comes to smartphones. In fact, it is among the top 3 mobile phone selling brands. This pushes the company to keep adding value to its products and come up with new features to retain its market share.

Announced in February 2019, the Galaxy S10 Plus runs on Android Pie and has a resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels. With a ceramic body and aluminum frame the phone easily fits in the hand without the risk of sliding.

Galaxy S10 Plus also brings three camera lenses placed on the rear. The lenses provide cameras ranging from 12 to 16MP with optimization of wide, telephoto and ultra wide photography.

In comparison, the front camera has an 8MP depth sensor along with 10MP wide focus lens. This means, that the phone consists of a total of 5 cameras.

Galaxy S10 Plus boasts an octa-core processor and an Exynos chipset 9820 Octa, which is feasible for high-end gaming and HD video streaming. Additionally, with an AMOLED touch screen and 16M display colors, the phone can provide a fascinating experience to users.

With a memory ranging from 128 GB to 1TB, the phone is spacious enough, to store a lot of your favorite apps. In fact, the powerful 8GB RAM makes it even smoother to run powerful applications that easily deplete most of the RAM when it comes to low-end mobile devices. But that’s not all. The phone also supports microSD card slot up to 512GB in case you still need more storage.

The flagship phone has a 4100mAH built-in battery which is powerful enough to run the device for a continuous 12 hours. The phone also supports wireless and fast charging to keep up with your frequent mobile needs. If you are very picky about smartphones, then perhaps, this might be one of your best choices.

Photo credit: Samsung

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