Samsung Galaxy Note 8 faces battery issue

Published on December 29, 2017

Samsung’s worst nightmare seems to have made a comeback. Several Galaxy Note 8 users have begun complaining about apparent “battery problems” that their handsets are facing. According to a report published by Business Insider, several customers making use of the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone are complaining that the battery in the smartphones has stopped charging altogether.

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This problem is believed to have a direct link with the smartphone’s battery. As noted by Business Insider, “The issue seems to come after the phone battery is fully drained to zero percent and shuts down.” When these Galaxy Note 8 smartphone users try to charge their devices again, it doesn’t charge up at all.

Complaints regarding this matter have begun surfacing on the official Help Forum section of Samsung’s website. Several posts from customers can be found as complaining about their smartphones not charging. “I’ve tried three different power cables and cords but nothing,” one of the users posted. “I charged overnight and still nothing. Completely dead. Phone still looks brand new because I bought a rugged case for it. I’ve treated it like a newborn baby so it must be defective,” another user wrote.

Initially, Samsung employees did not respond to any comments. As the number of complaints started growing in number, the employees in the Help Forum section began offering repairs and replacement offers to its customers. Note that this was only with regard to the smartphones that weren’t charging.

The company hasn’t yet commented on this issue publicly as yet. One of the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone users even recorded a video of his handset not being able to charge. “The Galaxy Note 8 is the follow-up to the Galaxy Note 7, which suffered from serious battery problems,” noted Business Insider. It would really suck if another mishap were to take place with the Galaxy line-up.

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