Samsung Galaxy A20 Review – Samsung A Series

Published on September 4, 2019

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review - Samsung A Series

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review – Samsung A Series: Image Source

For the past couple of months, Samsung has constantly flooded A-series devices. Certainly, we have seen seven A-series devices launching a sum of up to 15 this year in the last 50 days or so. The approach seems to work, however, since, in only 40 days, the South Korean Giant has shipped more than 2 million A-series devices!

Galaxy A20 by Samsung is another budget smartphone contestant. While it may be economical than the other flagship mobiles, it still has some high-quality features that are forever desired. These include fast charging, facial recognition, and high-quality display.


Samsung introduced another A-series cellphone to the industry, calling it this time Samsung Galaxy A20. The design of the Samsung Galaxy A20 doesn’t change much from most of the smartphones on the shelf, but it has a sleek general look that maximizes the screen with minimal design. It has a fingerprint sensor in the center of the rear side to make it simple to reach while keeping it in your palm, the power and volume button with double camera in the top left corner with a flash. The bottom of the Samsung Galaxy A20 has a USB-C for headphones with a 5.1 headphone jack plug and charging.

The Samsung Galaxy A20 with its curved edges is very convenient in your pocket, rendering it simple to keep even for longer times to hold. For a long time, we haven’t had the trouble playing games or watching movies on the Galaxy A20 because it felt very comfortable in our hands’ palm. If you have damp palms, the sticky polycarbonate back may cause it to fall out of your pocket.


The Samsung Galaxy A20 has three unique colors available; Black, Red, Dark Blue. Blue for those users who are not interested in black and want something neutral. Red is for those people who want something more fiery.


Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy A20 is Samsung’s consumer phone, that doesn’t imply they’re not trying hard to bring up good specs. With a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, Samsung Galaxy A20 offers a large display. Despite the reality that the display has only HD+, it still surpasses everything you usually discover on the economic smartphone. The front camera is in the center of the display in the V-shaped position. That V-shaped notch may distract you if don’t like it. You may find the vagueness at the corners of the text with a trained eye when you stare at the showcase. But the screen still provides brilliant, almost gentle comparison and a selection of four preset colors. Perhaps it’s not the greatest display you’ll find among smartphones, but it’s more than capable to provide the best quality if you’re watching videos on Netflix, YouTube, or Prime.

Battery & Fast Charging

4000 mAh battery of Samsung Galaxy A20 offers enough power to operate all day. Galaxy A20 also offers fast charging. Older USB port is converted to USB-C port so that you no longer come across a problem when connecting mobile with charging cable.

Fast charging is generally given on flagship devices. So if you bring it to that price, you get the real value for your mobile. It takes less than 02 hours to charge it completely. In the first 30 minutes, the battery can be recharged by 35%.

Camera & Images Quality

We loved the Samsung Galaxy A20’s camera. Given its value, this shows that Samsung has invested years in the cameras on its smartphones. The overall performance is extraordinary and considering the price, there is nothing to complain about. The rearview camera has 13 MP and is tracked by a second 5 MP wide-angle shooter.

Inside and outside photos are balanced everywhere and there is enough color for each picture. Some smartphones generally add a lot of shadows to their photos to make it look better, but it looks like Samsung can get perfect colors in this regard. Despite the fact that you don’t get photos of the same quality as in the Samsung Galaxy S9, apart from all that offers strong involvement in photography.

Some low-light images may be somewhat flaky, but fortunately, Samsung knows how to change them to be more user-friendly. The 8-megapixel front camera is ideal as a selfie camera in good lighting. However, we would not recommend anything other than using it.


As stated earlier, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is a low-cost smartphone, which implies it’s not as great as other Samsung’s smartphone. However, the power is increased with the Exynos 7885 processor (although it is lighter than the Exynos 7904, which arrives with A30, M30, and M20). The overall performance is fast and 3G RAM is enough to operate the most significant apps. Despite the fact that there are no major delays or stuttering, we won’t recommend this smartphone for online games.


3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory that can be upgraded with additional microSD memory. It sounds pretty cheap, and rightly so. RAM may be a bit annoying, as well as 32 GB of internal memory, but as usual, this phone is clearly intended for ordinary customers, so we can’t predict much about it. Renewable storage is also fine, providing extra storage that is very much needed for all your games apps, photos, and recordings.


Samsung developed the Galaxy A20 with Android One. The overall experience is much smoother, and smart animations and improved user interfaces provide a fluid and easy-to-use display.

Samsung’s unique face recognition and fingerprint sensor, which Samsung has added to this smartphone to reduce costs, work, but it will take a while to unlock the phone. In particular, facial recognition makes it difficult to see people holding a phone in low light conditions.

Final Words

Samsung Galaxy A20 is a superb smartphone for regular customers. It works easily with most apps and even features some of the smartphone’s top features. This includes AMOLED display and face recognition, which are not normally part of the low-cost smartphone category. It has a stunning 4000 mAh battery that has a fast-charging feature to ensure that the battery does not go dead immediately. While its performance and the camera and the display could be a little better we believe it to be a good smartphone overall.

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Samsung Galaxy A20 Review - Samsung A Series
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