The reversible emoji: the next big thing coming to the iPhones?

Published on December 7, 2017

What if the iPhone users have the ability to reverse the directions of the emojis directly from their phone. This would definitely make it easier for the users to convey with the actual message, which they are about to communicate with others in the form of emoji. The real good news is that this new feature is to be announced officially, starting from the upcoming new year.

Reversible Emojis

Image Credit: MacRumors

The iPads and the iPhones are going to the first among the devices to have these new sets of reversible emoji on them. The update regarding reversible emoji shall be released with the upcoming iOS updates, which the Apple regularly lets their customers. The new emoji, along with the reversible ones, shall make it to the other gadgets in the market very soon.

The Unicode Consortium has announced in their blog post that the Unicode Emoji 11.0 beta is now out for the developers to test with. It has been released to about one hundred and thirty draft candidates. This list is not a final one, and the changes within the addition and removal of the candidates shall happen with the emoji authorities.

This means that you can definitely choose up the direction of the emoji that you are about to choose from. As for the one hundred and thirty draft emoji, the customers can expect new emoji with faces that have red hair on them, along with faces with no hair, afro style hair and a curly one. Other new notable additions to the emoji set would be a softball, bagel, swan, fire extinguishers and much more.

These new reversible emoji shall be added along with the upcoming iOS 12 or with the iOS 12.1 updates that are about to release by next year to the iPhone and iPad users. The iOS users need to wait for some more days to get to witness them, yet with the beta versions of the iOS 12, the developers are about to have their first hands-on these reversible emoji sets. The Android 9 shall have the new reversible emoji set, by the end of the next year.

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