Reddit app receives update, new chat functions, tools show up

Published on December 19, 2017

Reddit has made quite a few changes to its app on both, IOS and Android platforms. The enhancements sent over by the company were done with the intention of making the mobile experience highly interactive for its users. The company wants to provide its users with a user-friendly way to exploring the official Reddit website. The two substantial additions made to the app through the update are a new user-to-user chat function and enhanced moderation tools.

Reddit app

According to The Verge, Reddit has been working on providing the user-to-user chat function for months now. After the successful testing of the feature by Reddit, it seems like the new chat function is finally going to be a part of the app.

Apart from this, the app comes with an additional theatre mode wherein users can view images, videos and GIFs from visual subreddits and even reply to live comments. The company also plans on adding a celebratory “Cake Day” icon to its Reddit app. This will allow users to remain notified of the joining date to the application.

Additionally, the company also plans on making numerous new tools available for the community’s moderators, to make the procedure of approving or removing content quick and easy. The new ‘mod mode’ will make it extremely easy for users to handle content approvals.

Community moderators will even be able to rid their platforms of spam in bulk. These are the main changes brought to the official Reddit app. There are many other relatively minor additions made to the platform as well. The company hopes that this will attract more users to its platform. The company’s co-founders, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian have begun taking the operations of Reddit seriously. Whether it is good enough to take on platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, remains to be seen.

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