Razer unveils Project Linda laptop dock

Published on January 10, 2018

A couple of years back, Motorola launched a new type of smartphone that went by the name of Atrix 4G. The primary attraction of the smartphone was that it came with the support of an additional accessory called, ‘Lapdock.’

Razer unveils Project Linda laptop dock

The accessory played the role of powering the smartphone in the laptop-like device form. Unfortunately for Motorola, it did not turn out to be raging successor. It was clearly an indication that such a thing is not going to work well with the audience. However, it doesn’t appear like Razor really cares because they just launched a similar device at the CES, 2018 event.

According to a report published by Android Police, Razor unveiled their Project Linda – which is a prototype of the laptop dock that will be powering Razor smartphones. Individuals are advised to note that Project Linda is merely a concept for now. The hardware looks like the company’s Blade Ultrabook as it features a 13.3-inch QHD display as well as a strong aluminum frame.

Not to forget, there is no trackpad on the device. The device connects with a retractable Type-C plug and goes on to power the entire laptop while acting as the trackpad as well. “The interface is Android with a custom theme to make it work better on a computer,” notes Android Police. This way, individuals will be able to get their applications on a larger screen with simply a keyboard and a mouse. The device also features Razer’s Chrome lighting effects. The demo shows off Vainglory with what appear to be menu customizations and minimap support on the phone.

Since it is merely a prototype, developers haven’t been able to show off the customized applications just as yet. It definitely is an interesting idea, however, how well the market is going to react to it, is uncertain.

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Razer unveils Project Linda laptop dock.
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