Principles To Follow To Develop A Sustainable App

Published on July 25, 2019

Apart from your skill and creativity you will also need to follow a few specific guidelines and principle when you develop an app. If you adhere to these principles it will be much easier for you to design a more sustainable app that in turn will enable you to sustain in this highly competitive industry. 

Building an app means you will need to be relevant to the needs and preferences of the users and plan for long term. However, this is not an easy task as there are lots of challenges that you will face and need to overcome in reality. A few of these challenges include: 

  • The continual upgrading of the operating systems 
  • The consistent changes brought into the market dynamics 
  • The ever changing needs and demands of the users and  
  • The ever increasing competition in app development. 

If you do not stay current with all these soon your best app designed will actually become irrelevant just like a host of others that have within a short span of time. 

This could be a very harsh reality and apparently difficult challenge for the developers but if the right principles and techniques are followed, it is not hard to overcome. The best way to ensure this is to follow a more Sustainable App Development approach that will help you to measure and ensure the usefulness of your app in the long term.  

Measure the real needs  

Right at the outset, you should evaluate the real needs of the app as well as your users. Remember, there is no definite set of directives for future-proofing an app but this step will be most effective in different processes such as: 

  • Strategizing and directing 
  • Planning and executing 
  • Creating product definitions 
  • Developing and designing the app  
  • Incorporating the best and most innovative features and  
  • Ensuring high user experience. 

This will ensure that your app is consistent and a success in the long term as this will surely serve the real needs of the real users. This is the foundation of the app development process. For this you will need to: 

  • Understand your target market 
  • Know the particular needs of the users 
  • Identify the gaps in the existing apps and the services that they fail to provide. 

You will then be able to create a sustainable app that will successfully resolve the issues of the users that they are currently facing, completely and significantly making your app eventually more viable and effective.  

Implement scalable designs 

You should always ensure that you input and implement scalable designs in your app to make it most sustainable. This is another difficult job to do but once you achieve it, you will be able to gain the benefits. The benefits of scalable designs include: 

  • It will leave enough room to accommodate more features in it making your app more versatile and flexible so that your app does not fall behind in functionality when there are changes required to make in the existing features in it. 
  • In addition to that, scalable designs will not make the initial version of your app fall short to any other competitive app in the market doing rounds currently. 
  • These designs will act just like a foundation to build your app, rebuild or improve it from time to time. 

In order to make a Sustainable App Development possible the best way is to include a flexible navigation menu in your app. This will help you to add new features in the future as it evolves. 

Analyze user feedback 

Just like any other marketing and branding firm you will also need to work according to the needs of your users. For this you will need to collect and analyze a lot of user feedbacks. You can best do this by entering into this market with an app that is just a Minimum Value Product or MVP. It will be easier for you this way to find out how users respond to your app. This will in turn help you to assess: 

  • The really popular functionalities  
  • Those features that need tweaks or dropped 
  • The ones that you need to incorporate further. 

This will guarantee evident usage sustainability of your app in the future. This is because the user feedback and the current usage data will help you to understand the features that the users would like to see in the future and design your app accordingly. This is typically the most important and essential principle to follow in Sustainable App Development. 

Update and release 

In order to ensure success of an app, you will need to focus on the updates as well as on the release of it. 

  • This will keep your app most relevant to the market as well as the user needs. Therefore, know about the technological changes as and when it happens an incorporate the best and most suitable ones in your app. 
  • Also make sure that you release the changed apps at the most suitable times so that it makes the maximum impact right on its release.  

This means that the consumers will always get what they want at the right time thereby keeping their satisfied and loyal towards your app. This in turn will make it more sustainable.  

Remember, update and release does not simply mean adding functionalities and new features in your app but more so it involves adding value to it as well as the users. In order to choose the right update and release time you can test the roadmaps and make assumptions if necessary. 

Integrating fingerprint authentication 

Since safety and security is a prime factor to ensure an app success you can incorporate fingerprint authentication into your app. There are also other different methods used for ensuring security such as: 

  • Pins 
  • Passwords 
  • Security questions 
  • One-time text messages 
  • Face recognition and many others as well which you can use.   

This will raise the trust level of the users when they make financial transactions or share private and sensitive info and messages through their mobile devices. In turn it will make your app more sustainable.  

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