Pre-Review Realme XT is First 64 Megapixel Smartphone

Published on August 31, 2019

Pre-Review Realme XT

Pre-Review Realme XT is First 64 Megapixel Smartphone

Pre-Review Realme XT is First 64 Megapixel Smartphone: Image Source

Realme’s next Realme XT handset is the first to display a 64-megapixel camera. In a Weibo document, the company CMO Xu Qi Chase reported that the upcoming device would be rendered by one of its four back cameras, almost from a new ISOCELL Brigh GW1 Sensor, with its high-resolution camera. A high angle lens, a micro camera and the remote sensor are also part of the phone.

The sensor can generate 16-megapixel pictures by default, but the pictures involve a huge number of data (involving four pixels at a time). While both mobile businesses are preparing to release 64-megapixel devices, Xiaomi also claims that it is difficult to integrate the fresh 108-megapixel sensor in a fresh handset, although it has not provided additional data on when the unknown device could be placed on the shelf.

Realme XT is leading the Race

Realme is on board with Realme XT model. The brand has launched twelve phones over the past 15 months, trying to steal the market share of Xiaomi. BBK’s product has many of the same features as Xiaomi, and it’s worth it: Realme now has a 9 percent business percentage in India and has all the traction in the board space.

Realme introduced last week its Realme 5 series with a quad camera, bringing the exceptional image module of Sony IMX586 48MP to the luxury bracket. Now it’s going on with the Realme XT, the first 64MP camera phone.

The Realme XT is being launched on the reels of the Realme 5 series for one reason: Xiaomi is scheduled to launch its Redmi Note 8 Series in China this week and Realme can claim a first 64MP phone by launching its Chinese rival. Xiaomi did the same at the beginning of this month when Realme announced a 64MP module one day, which is why Realme regards the XT as reprisal.

The brand claims that Realme X will continue marketing along with XT, and it’s easy to see why Realme X was just launched a month earlier and has an incredible $16,999 (240) worth. The Realme X has a new, high-resolution camera version of the Ralme X. Realme XT is equally valuable as well; although the device’s cost is not confirmed, it can be sold for less than $20,000 ($285). The 64MP camera is, of course, the phone’s highlight, but there’s also a lot to like in other areas. The Realme XT is a 6.4-inch FHD + AMOLED color screen and the front camera is water-dropped unlike the Realme X, which is equipped with a retractable camera.

However, the big change is the bottom of the glass on the stuff’s building portion. The Realme XT is equipped with a glass cap similar to the P30 Pro in gradient. For two color options, golden pearl and blue pearl, the unit is accessible and has 5-layer Gorilla Glass overlaid with front and back glass panels. The change to the glass bottom creates a more exclusive image for the Realme XT and separates it from its fellows.

You get a jack of 3.5 mm and you charge the phone via the USB-C. The power button with a yellow accent is on the right hand while the volume button is on the right. The SIM card tray is located above the sampling volume control in addition to the MicroSD card and can place 2 SIM cards.


Since Realme X, the AMOLED monitor itself has not changed, which means that you get one of the best pictures in the series at less than $300. The phone features LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 2.1 storage and is available in three configurations: 4 GB RAM-64 GB ROM, 6 GB RAM-64 GB of memory and 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

The Snapdragon 712 has two cortex A75s, a 2.3GHz processor and six processors, focused on the A55 with 1.7GHz. In relation to the Realme, the Snapdragon 712 is a tiny upgrade to the Snapdragon 710 to the Realme X.

The rear part of the Realme XT includes four displays. The rest of the tools are the same as the Realme 5 Pro except for the 64MP camera. There is an 8MP wide-angle lens with a 119 degree viewing area, a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP portrait trigger. Realme claims the remarks of the user have encouraged the lens for the zoom to move to a macro sensor. The Sony IMX471 sensor is situated at the front. EIS is accessible on both front and back pictures, but there is no OIS accessible.

Realme XT Battery

The Realme XT is equipped with a 4000mAH battery with a fast VOOC 3.0 charge of up to 20W. The phone runs ColorOS 6 on Android 9 Pie, and Realme’s own adaptations are updating the software. The unit is scheduled to be launched in India next month, but the release date or how much it will cost is not specified. A welcomed inclusion is a 64MP sensor, but Realme begins to swarm this section with devices that are too comparable in their features.

Now we’ll wait and see who surprises us more; Xiomi or Realme with their upcoming 64 Megapixel smartphones. Fingers are crossed to witness the miracle in the photography world as these mobiles are replacing 42 Megapixel mobiles and leading to the new future. For now, Realme seems winning this game.

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Pre-Review Realme XT is First 64 Megapixel Smartphone
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