Play Store New Policy And Updation: Check Now

Published on January 17, 2019

Play store is one of the most interesting apps of Google where you can access and download any tool for use. Basically, it allows the user not only to download the tool but also allow them to download different types of apps, games and many more things which you will find and most importantly it also has each and every type of social networking app. You all must have seen that when you download an app, you are asked for the permission of accessing SMS and Call logs of your smartphone.

Image source: Android Police

Whereas the new update of the Play store by Google includes several rules for the users such as whenever an app will be download the apps need to have strict permission for having access to call logs and SMS permission. Also, they mentioned that the apps which will not be fitted into Google’s predetermined will be removed from the Play store. You all might want to know that when this was started, therefore this activity by Google in Play store was started in the month of October 2018.

Google had mentioned in the blog which was released earlier that, the rules will be strict and the user who will be using the apps as default apps or using them on regular basis only those apps will be having the right to access the call logs as well as messages. In my opinion, this option is much better than any other because the user will be having straight ways for merging call logs and SMS option with the app.

Many reports have been coming by Google and others as well and it was mentioned that many more things have been added. Basically, many discussions were also held with the members of the developer community but the end result which was out by actual reports was that SMS and phone permission will be having strict rules in the play store area. Below are the main reason why this policy was added by Google in the updated play store app, it was just to protect the user’s privacy as well as to protect them with bugs in the app because once the permission is granted to the app all your important contacts are shared which can be harmful as well as misused.

Several more additions which have been done by Google is that the new update has been having more limited options and also they have changed some of the APIs which will disallow some of the users to have much data which will surely result in some of the privacy of the users. The other most important things which are added in the list of privacy is that remove the users from play stores who have shared their SMS sharing system with many apps. Google and Play store needs to have limited uses of apps. The most interesting addition which was done by the google is that they have started an API which is only for the SMS-based user verification which will result in an SMS verification.

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