Patch Tuesday, November 2019 Edition

Published on November 13, 2019

Microsoft recently unveiled its latest update to neutralize the security flaws existed in its software. The recent update said to be fixed 74 weaknesses in its operating system- Windows, and multiple programs running over the OS. The November update released by Microsoft resolved all the existing issues in Internet Explorer. The update also fixed the bug that allowed the office for Mac to skip the security protection. 

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Update in Details

The recent update tackled around 12 critical flaws in the software. Significant flaws allow the users’ system to install malware without any action by users. The malware might affect while browsing a malicious or hacked website or while opening a booby-trapped attachment. The new update said to resolve the zero-day flaw in the Internet Explorer and minimize vulnerabilities while handling various scripting languages. The latest update is offering an option of disabling all macros without notification. But the spokesperson from Microsoft revealed that all office versions would support the old macros. The news came as a relief for mature users. 

Windows media player and Microsoft Exchange are among the applications that got patches for critical flaws. In addition to that, Microsoft also released patches for nine vulnerabilities, which includes five crucial issues. 

Previously, Microsoft issued patches for Flash Player every month. But, the recent update does not include any patch for Flash Player. The last update marks the second consecutive update, excluding Flash. The last update also fixed Google’s zero-day flaw in Google Chrome Web Browser. If you find an upward-facing arrow in the top right corner of Google Chrome, you need to update the software to the latest version. 

Windows 7 users required to upgrade their PCs as soon as possible, as Microsoft previously announced the cease of security updates from the beginning of 2020. But, business license buyers can fix their problem by paying some extra penny.

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