Panasonic unveils two new OLED TV ranges for 2018

Published on January 7, 2018

TV manufacturer Panasonic has gone on to introduce two new OLED TV ranges of this year. The two models that go by the name of FZ 950 and FZ 800, are going to be available in both, 55-inches and 64-inches screen sizes. The TVs will also be supporting the latest HDR10+ dynamic metadata open standard technology, directly out of the box. According to a report published by Channel News, both the models are expected to ship with Ultra HD Premium as well as THX certification.

Panasonic unveils two new OLED TV ranges for 2018

Panasonic took to the exclusive pre-CES platform held in Deluxe, Hollywood to launch the new line-up of flat panels. It is being reported that Panasonic has collaborated with Deluxe for image tuning purpose. Furthermore, the post-production movie house has even gone on to purchase sixty Panasonic 65-inch EZ1000 OLED TVs for worldwide use as a consumer reference display in its production suites.

As per the announcement made by Panasonic, they won’t be restricting HDR10+ support to premium ranges of their OLED TVs. Moreover, LED LCD models will be offered at lower price points. Additional details regarding this matter are expected to be made available in spring. It is being assumed that the latest HDR10+ standard model is going to benefit low-cost HDR TVs, by helping them tone the map content.

The recently-launched models are going to be powered by the Dynamic LUT (Look Up Table) technology, that works with second-generation HCX image processors. These are known to significantly improve the accuracy of bright colors. “The technology may sound incompressible, but demonstrations proved dramatic.

Images are brighter and colors more vibrant, when compared to a 2017 screen,” the report by Channel News states. The latest range also introduces a new function called Dynamic Scene Optimizer, which makes use of pictures to analyze and mimic dynamic metadata while playing HDR10 source.

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Panasonic unveils two new OLED TV ranges for 2018
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