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Published on February 1, 2019

Digital cameras are being very usefull to the people and they are used at every point of life from being at a local place and also used during to get the best moments to capture for the future. Panasonic is one of the best brands which provides great camera and with the best lens which makes you feel better by using it. Panasonic is the brand which is better known for the lens and camera and less in other gadgets therefore if you are thinking to buy a Panasonic camera you can buy it anytime. Last year Panasonic- the brand has announced its two cameras with the names as Lumix S1 and S1R full-frame mirrorless cameras which were great. Therefore below is the great specification of other smartphones.

There are many other famous brands which makes great cameras such as, Sony and Canon. These two brands are most famous in making a high professional camera for the photographer for conducting best photography in the events. Some of them are so expensive that they are only purchased for some special events. Also, this high configuration camera is also known as pro-level cameras for pro-level photographers.

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Something which is more good is the 47.3 MP lens in the S1R which is the well-rounded camera which is majorly used for the wider audience with the hybrid shooters. As the report says that 24.2MP S1 lens has the price of $2,499 or if anyone wishes to but the more advanced lens which will be off 24-105 mm lens will be available in price $3,399. For more information, the reports have also mentioned the price of the camera, basically, the body of the camera S1R has the cost $3,699 or $4,599 with the same lens which is mentioned above in the paragraph.

Both the lens and cameras have been using the same L-mount technology which is held by the major brand which is the Leica with the partnership of Panasonic and Sigma as licensees. one more thing which the user should know is that it is being based on the member of the L-mount alliance. The interesting news is that Panasonic is launching three new lenses which will be rolled out in the market and will be having good results in terms of the sale in the market and will be surely used in some of the professional places, this lens has some great configuration such as,

One is the 50mm f/1.4 S Pro is the best camera which has the best price all over the market with the price of $2,299. This lens is the one which is said by the Panasonic to be the best and high-quality optical performance and the best thing in this lens is that it has the best quality which is loved by the user and also has good sharpness with great contrast option. Whereas the second lens is of 70-200mm which holds around f/4 S Pro which has the cost of around $1,699 and also it is having 24-105mm and has the perfect costing of $1,299.

These above items are known as the kit lens which is offered in both S1 and S1R. The one interesting thing is that it has the unique ability to take good shots instantly and with so [perfection that you don’t even have to take focus shots. 2019 is the best year for the market because there are many brands which are dealing with the new gadgets in the market such as there are many smartphones and camera to be launched in the coming months. Panasonic has officially declared that at the end of 2019 three more lenses will be released and the best thing which Panasonic will give is that, it is giving the option to choose from Leica and Sigma.

Many of you might be thinking that does Panasonic has its own Leica branding lens or not, but the answer to your question is that the S pro model of Panasonic camera is having the “certified by Leica” option and also have the best signify quality. But the normal S model doesn’t approve by Leica.

therefore when you will visit the store for the camera you will definately find them heavy because of its lens and it has 2.25 pounds. The heavyweight is in both the cameras, both S1 and S1R. These both the cameras are majorly heavy because of its battery and an XQD card. The Panasonic officially said that these both the camera are built with high technology which includes the high performance of photography and longevity along with that.

In the market when you will search the other cameras weight, the S series weight is much more than others, even more than the Nikon Z and Canon EOS R whereas you can take the example in the nearby store as well. Both the Panasonic cameras have a good screen of 5.76 million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder and the best thing which Panasonic has added is that the user can be able to switch between 60fps and 120fps refresh rate. Also what users want Panasonic added the same as it has added the LCD at the top.

The interesting thing which the Panasonic had added in its camera is that there is two card storage slot, one is the UHS-II SD slot and an XQD slot. That means the user can now store more photos and videos than expected whereas now don’t wait for the next deal, buy this laptop from the store as early as possible and make your moments more clear with Panasonic new cameras. The best function in which the user will get enjoy is that it has added a touchscreen, d-pad, joystick, dials, etc. Therefore the best thing is where the Panasonic is most famous for is that it is majorly focused on the photographer’s and then other users.

This new camera has come with the resolution of 16,736 x 11,168 pixels and the camera with model number S1R can record up to 4K video and that to 60p.

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