Outdoor Digital Signage- How To Choose The Right Solution

Published on January 15, 2021
Photo by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

Over the years, promotional strategies for businesses have changed. You must keep pace with the trends to make your brand recognizable. Outdoor digital signage is one element that you cannot ignore because it keeps your brand visible to the right people at the right places. These displays feature bright lights and shiny advertisements that are bound to catch attention and make your business recallable. Moreover, putting them up at the right places gets your brand immense visibility. But when it comes to outdoor signage, the right technology matters the most. Choosing the right one is, therefore, vital to the success of the investment. Here are the factors you need to consider for picking the right technology.

Ensure it is weather-proof

Since outdoor advertising displays have to bear the brunt of the elements, you need to make sure that they are weather-proof. The installation should be able to deal with heat, rain, hail, storms, and whatever else Mother Nature brings. Consider the local weather patterns depending on the location of the installation. A built-in case goes a long way in securing the display from the elements. Further, you can have one that regulations the climate within the installation by adjusting the temperature. A glass with a UV filter is ideal for the casing as it protects the screen from sunlight.

Mind the lighting

Lighting is not an issue for indoor displays as they have relatively consistent surroundings. However, there is a lot you will need to mind for outdoor ones because the lighting conditions change many times, even during the same day. You cannot overlook the effects of the changing seasons. The summer days are bright and sunny, while the winter days get dull and dark. Picking outdoor LCD signs with reflective panels is a good idea because they use sunlight to their advantage. The display delivers a clear image and high readability. Further, the reflective layer brings high brightness without elevating the power bills, so you end up saving a lot.  

Consider the risk of damage and vandalism 

Unfortunately, outdoor signs have to deal with more than only the elements as there is always a risk of damage and vandalism to them. A robust casing with strong protective glass is the right choice. Ensuring a firm fix is equally vital because you will want to protect this marketing investment from theft. If the installation is near public transit centers, you will also have to consider the potential for vibration, such as the one caused by a passing train. When it is out in the open, a sturdy build matters the most for the installation to be safe over the years.

Outdoor signage is perhaps one of the oldest forms of advertising, but the digital element gives it an innovative edge. If you want to secure the value of innovation, choose a solution that catches the eye to make an impact and extend the reach of your brand. Yet, it should be sturdy enough to last long and look good over time to deliver value for the investment.  

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