OPPO Find X Review

Published on September 7, 2018

The OPPO brand although new to the Smartphone market is making strides and is keeping up with the intense competition. However, while this may be a flagship phone, it is proof that style and innovation do not make up for the lack of a key feature.

A Powerhouse

As expected from a flagship phone the OPPO Find X houses a Snapdragon 845, Adreno 630, 8GB ram 256GB of storage and a 3730mah battery; a powerhouse of a phone indeed. Along with all these specs, the Oppo Find X has a 16Mp back camera followed by a 25MP back camera with Bluetooth 5.0 and everything you would find on a flagship phone is here in the OPPO Find X.

Extra Points for Style

Now the most redeemable feature about the phone is the defiant and beautiful color choices like Glacier blue and Bordeaux Red. The phone doesn’t have any front facing bezels on the screen, giving way to the beautiful 6.42-inch AMOLED display that boasts a unique panoramic feel. On the back, the color is very dark at the middle but slowly lights up as it spreads through to the edges giving a glowy look to the phone.

However, the most interesting part of the phone is definitely the motorized top that holds the camera, whenever you want to take a picture the top of the camera slides up in a motorized fashion giving way to the powerful cameras. This is the single most defining feature of the phone.


With every great thing that the OPPO Find X does, there is definitely something they are doing wrong as well. With the lack of a traditional headphone jack and fingerprint sensor, the Find X falls short from the competition in terms of functionality and accessibility. In conclusion, the OPPO Find X is a good phone there are just some features that will not please certain customers.

Photo by: Oppo

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