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Published on June 5, 2018

When you don’t know what app to ask for Amazon is introducing a feature that will allow Alexa to suggest voice apps this will enable the user to tell Alexa what you want to accomplish to receive recommendations of skills to help you achieve that goal. By the creators of Alexa, the Can FulfillIntent Request interface can be used which was now in beta in the U.S. to alert  Amazon to the kinds of questions their skill may be able to answer or queries the ability can fulfill.

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The exciting feature is the Amazon Alexa skill store now has more than 30,000 voice apps, and getting the attention of the users can be something of a challenge. Today the full request introduced should help users discover more voice apps and connect developers making skills with a broader audience.

More importantly earlier this month skill purchasing was introduced, the feature could help drive commerce for businesses and the makers of skills who till today haven’t had many ways  of getting paid for a voice app, beyond subscriptions, making abilities for better running of businesses, or the online shop Amazon’s payment program for highly engaging skills this was added recently. Like the smartest speakers and the discovering of apps for devices with no screen has been called as a longstanding challenge for the makers of AI assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa.

To extend this type of discovery feature to users, Amazon has been working for some time now. Let us talk about the last year’s Alexa feature, began to answer requests like “Alexa, I need a ride” with Uber or Lyft skill recommendations. You will receive all the recommendations of all recipes or Food Network if today you will ask Alexa that “Alexa, help me cook dinner.” But once the Alexa gives you the recipe, it will stop answering(you will stop receiving recommendations). The term which opens proposals to a much more extensive selection of skills by the addition of Can Fulfillment Request.

The new feature of Alexa will allow the users to find or obtain skills in a more natural way and facilitate discovery of talents developers’ work, and also a  conversational UI, it is such like other forms which have its limit. Let us take an example, now if you say “Alexa, help me to get relax” you will undoubtedly receive recommendation which will help for headspace’s meditation skill, or it may also help you by giving several skills for ambient sounds, but a disadvantage with Alexa is, you will start losing interest after listening to 5-6 songs.

Which ability is best and would be better suited to fulfill a user’s request whereas a machine learning model is also used to determine. There are several factors which are considered in which skill Alexa shares include engagement level, rating, and confidence in the match. A company spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email; the online shop Amazon will soon continue to experiment with its Alexa’s skills recommendation system during the CanFulfillIntentRequest interface beta

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