Official: Apple iMac Pro sale will start on coming Thursday

Published on December 12, 2017

It was June 2017 when Apple announced its upcoming iMac Pro. Today company updated its official website with an update on the release date of iMac Pro. The website states that the sale will start on Thursday, December 14th. A few days before this official announcement of the release date we got some data from the videos posted by some YouTubers who got an early access of over this device which states that the invention is just amazing, and there is nothing which we can speak about it.

iMac Pro

Image Credit- Macworld

Apple added a new black keyboard to this new iMac Pro which gives a stunning look when placed with the iMac. The keyboard requires charging for which it needs a black lightning cable.

The reason behind this creation of an advanced iMac Pro is the reports and requests posted by developers last year. The developers from all across the world asked the company that with MacBook they are unable to get the powerful functions and thus there should be new launch in the series with highly upgraded features. By keeping that demand in concern, the company made iMac Pro, which is meant for people who are keen on doing extra or overloading works.

The company didn’t mention any specification or configuration over the website. We have some data about its hardware. Apple iMac Pro will carry a 10-Core 3GHz processor. The device will come with a 128GB RAM, AMD VEGA PRO 64 16GB.

Apple was expected to release two devices by the end of this year, and that’s what the company promised to all its users and fans. But last month company announced that the release of Apple HomePod is a little bit delayed, and now it will be released in early 2018.

The high of iMac Pro may lead to a limited sale of this product. As according to me the product is specially made for the people to need to do intense work on computer or laptop, who wants a massive RAM for faster performance, a substantial processor for high output and obviously trust of a brand like Apple.

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