Oculus Quest All-In-One Gaming Headset

Published on May 8, 2019

After the advent of Oculus Go Wireless VT, the Oculus Quest provides a more out of the box gaming experience that is easily accessible with movement tracking. Oculus Quest is one the best VR headsets, with a powerful mobile processor and excellent controllers.

With an enticing display that easily competes with the rivals, the Oculus Quest comes at an affordable price with 4GB of RAM along with powerful Snapdragon 835 processor. The OLED lenses of the equipment have a 1440*1600 resolution, which means a sharp and dynamic gaming experience.

Available at a price of $399 Oculus Quest enables you to move around anywhere without holding any wires that can essentially hold you back. With lightweight and motion controllers, Oculus boasts several other features to make it a worthy buy!

Tempting features

  • No wires, to help you easily idealize your VR experience
  • Oculus is perfect for rooms of all sizes
  • Powerful and complex VR with great gamepads
  • Sharp OLED display and doesn’t require any additional hardware to function

Turn Offs

  • The battery only lasts two hours, which can make many VR users look for other choices
  • It is only mobile VR, so gaming is very limited on the device
  • Can be expensive for people when compared to other similar VR devices
  • The device is not as swift and comfortable in comparison to Oculus Rift and Go

However, even with these drawbacks Oculus is still a powerful device that powers high-end mobile gaming and VR experience. The pass-through cameras on the device along with dual hand controllers help set up a play area for any room easily.

Although the VR games market for mobile is still small, this makes the device a little less attractive. If only VR games can grow in popularity and flood the market with budget games, creating FOMO, then Oculus Quest would be the right choice for many professional gamers and VR users.

Photo credit: Oculus

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