Not All VPNs Are Created Equal

Published on January 4, 2021
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For people who want to bypass geo-restriction for steaming content from all over the world, getting a VPN is the easiest and most popular method. It’s because a streamer can’t wait to release their favorite shows in their country or to see a required game while visiting any foreign country. There may be several different reasons for which a user can get a VPN.

Using VPN, a streamer can bypass geo-restrictions and easily watch geo-blocked programs, e.g., watching shows that only a person can see on US Netflix or stream BBC when they are only available for UK users.

You can find the best VPNs for streaming lists regarding VPN ranking based on testing and their features.

Choose the best VPN for streaming:

The most important factors to rank any VPN is performance and speed. The top VPNs rated due to their consistency in streaming and none of the dreaded buffering. Having several servers all over the world is a bonus where finding the best connection is concerned.

A user may also want a VPN of choice to be optimized for streaming, with proper support for several devices, to allow the user to stream the favorite content across multiple gadgets, from phones to tablets and pc.

A user may also say that it is entirely legal to operate a VPN to access Disney+, Netflix, or any other platform, and the user won’t come by into any legal trouble. There have not been any chances for anyone getting banned just because of using a VPN.

Three main factors for selecting the best VPN are:

  1. Change IP by connecting to different local servers worldwide for the best HD streaming service.
  2. User can stream favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, or Amazon Fire Stick with no geographical boundaries restriction.
  3. Avoid ISP throttling and streaming fast without hiccups or lags.

The top three VPNs for streaming are:


  • Users can enjoy the powerful unlimited bandwidth VPN specializes primarily for speed. You can get a clue by its name ExpressVPN.
  • Users can choose from 160 locations across 94 countries. Express VPN can keep their real place hidden from prying eyes.
  • User can Access any content around the world, no matter your location. Say goodbye to blocked services and sites.
  • By securing online activity from being traced. ExpressVPN holds no connection or activity logs.
  • Protect connection with 256-bit AES, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and split tunneling.
  • Users can email or live chat with our customer support team 24/7. ExpressVPN is there to help its customer.
  • If users are not 100% satisfied with the services, they refund within 30 days, and it’s that simple.

CyberGhost VPN:

  • Access anything & everything:

It’s a place where a user can unblock websites and enjoy its favorite shows, sports events without limitation. Streamer wouldn’t lose its connection with his programs even if he is traveling abroad. It is the best VPN for streaming and bypassing geo-limitation, which makes all this a reality.

  • Online anonymity & safety for your data:

Without a VPN, everything a user does online can be tracked, followed, and even spied. Hence, when using a VPN, the user virtually putting on an online invisible cloak. Everything a user does behind this encrypted connection is anonymous and undetectable. Thus, private data is protected and safer online.

  • Absolute privacy on all devices:

Its online data safety feature does not stop for one device. Yet, the user sometimes loses track of all the smart devices that are always connected to the internet. All of the gadgets need VPN protection. With CyberGhost VPN, users can get a secure VPN connection on up to 7 devices simultaneously.


  • By buying one account, six devices a user can connect with at a time. A user can protect himself, his friends, and his family members to purchase multiple subscriptions.
  • It is an easy-to-use app. A user doesn’t need to be a cryptographer to use NordVPN. It’s just as easy as picking a server and connect.
  • NordVPN is useful for all gadgets. So it’s for phone, tablet, smart TV, laptop and router.


Geo-restricted content, local network blocks, IP bans, and ISP throttling can come between a user and his favorite games and streaming. But a high-quality VPN service is all a person needs to overcome restrictions from anywhere in the world.

Amazingly, the tools for unblocking streaming content are also the best tools to protect privacy; check out this guide to get to know about the best VPN for streaming to choose the best one of your choice.

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