Why No One Should Buy the Facebook Portal TV

Published on November 6, 2019

The Facebook portable TV has come with great fun features like you can do chatting as well as video calling with your friends and family on the big screen. The TV comes with a remote through which you can control the functioning of the TV. It is an excellent TV with great features, but no one will buy this device.

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The anti-review on Facebook Portable TV 

The Facebook Portable TV has a smart display with a little webcam; the TV does not include any box. In all the Facebook Portable TV have only a bright screen, webcam, and microphone, and Alexa voice capabilities. The TV also includes a built-in privacy shutter and a stand with a remote and power adapter.

The stands of the TV are double as a clip through which you can snap to the top of the portal TV. The Facebook Portable TV works with a remote, and it needs a WIFI connection. Facebook Portable TV like a regular facebook account on your mobile phone or tablet, and the difference is that the size of the screen is enormous.

The only difference between the Portable TV and regular facebook account running on your mobile devices is the Facebook Watch. The facebook watch works differently, and with the help of the portable tv, you can view the content of the Facebook Watch. The Facebook Portal provides minimal services related to streaming services like Amazon Prime or Netflix.

In Facebook Portable Tv, you can view selected live videos, gaming videos, and many other chosen original series. The Facebook portable TV in all is an excellent entertaining device, but due to various issues related to the company might be the reason that it won’t be the ultimate aim of the audience to purchase the Portable TV.

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