OnePlus 6T vs Samsung Galaxy S9: Features, Specifications & Performance

Published on October 29, 2018

You all must be aware that the most leading Chinese brand named as OnePlus, is out with its new smartphone, OnePlus 6T. OnePlus has a great response from its last smartphone, OnePlus 6, this smartphone had a great demand in the market by the youth as well as the market.

Whereas according to the votes, the maximum number of people are ready to buy the new OnePlus 6T which will have the latest Snapdragon 845. Not only this it has a stunning glass design as well as a great camera which will have good picture results.

The main thing about the new OnePlus 6T is that will it give a perfect competition to the worlds latest phone, Samsung Galaxy S9, let’s compare the two.

OnePlus 6T, Samsung, Galaxy S9

What about the performance, battery life and charging

get ready to be confused between the new OnePlus 6T as well as Samsung Galaxy S9 if you want the great and fast processor because both the smartphone supports the latest Snapdragon 845 which will give the fastest speed. Whereas one thing in which OnePlus 6T is good at is that it will give you the more good processor, option- 6GB RAM as well as 8GB RAM, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S9 only has 4GB of RAM.

Storage? Yes both the smartphone are very close in terms of storage, OnePlus 6T have an option for 256 GB of storage whereas Samsung Galaxy S9 has an option for microSD card.

As same as the performance, if we will compare the battery of both the smartphones then you will find that the new OnePlus 6T have the more battery of  3,700mAh whereas the Samsung Galaxy S9 has a battery of 3,000mAh which is less than that, therefore we can now choose which smartphone will have more battery backup and longer battery life, of course the new OnePlus 6T.

Therefore, if you will have a difference then, OnePlus 6T will be having more votes than S9 because it has both the fast charging capacity as well as give you a long battery life.

Which one has a good display?

Both the phones have somehow the same performance and also the battery backup, also both these smartphones, OnePlus 6T as well as Samsung Galaxy S9 have AMOLED displays. The OnePlus 6T have a huge display if compared to S9, 6.4-inch display running a  2,340 x 1,080 resolution but the Samsung Galaxy S9 have a 5.8-inch display with 2,960 x 1,440 resolution. You must not be aware of the fact that, Samsung has the best display in the world as topping DisplayMate’s ratings.

No doubt that the OnePlus 6T has a good display, but Samsung Galaxy S9 has the best.

What about the design?

You all must be aware and have seen the design of Samsung Galaxy S8, S9’s design is completely based on the last smartphone by Samsung (S8). The market was completely addicted to the design of S8, it had a good and sleek design. You can still go for S9 because it will have a great design. Therefore if we discuss the OnePlus 6T, it has also initiated with the new design which slims the bezels down even further and adopting a dewdrop-style notch. It’s just as beautiful and sleek as the S9, and both phones score a 10 in looks.

One more feature which is added by the OnePlus in its new smartphone is that it has added a smart feature which will save your phone by the water droplets as well as if it will dip in the pool also. Not only this, with the addition of many features, OnePlus had removed the feature or option for the headphone jack.

Let us discuss the camera? which has better quality.

If we will discuss the camera configuration of Samsung Galaxy S9, therefore on the rear side it has the single 12-megapixels lens which performs completely awesome and gives the best shots, with this, it also has an 8-megapixels lens which helps you to have portrait shots. Not only this the camera quality also adjust with the lights(day or night).

Yes, it is true that OnePlus 6T have better lenses, 6T holds one primary lens of 16-megapixels as well as a secondary lens of 20-megapixels which will also have better shots than Galaxy S9 and also better portrait shots. These camera configurations completely allow you to have instant shots. But yes you will find the same lense on OnePlus 6 too. One thin which OnePlus has added to its newly launched phone is the A.I. optimization, this helps the user to have a picture according to their needs, let’s suppose in the night, in the day etc.

This camera was for the rear one, and you will be surprised with the front facing camera, yes that camera also supports all these features, it also has the 16-megapixels lens which will also give good shots.

Both the smartphone have a quite amazing camera lens, but what about the slow-motion videos, OnePlus is capable of making nice slow-motion videos but according to the test, Samsung Galaxy S9 is capable of making more better slow-motion videos than OnePlus at 960 fps. We cannot say that OnePlus do not support good slow-motion, it does but S9 is the best.

Not only this, OnePlus 6T is capable as the Galaxy S9’s excellent single shooter.

Which software does both the smartphone holds?

The latest smartphone by the OnePlus named OnePlus 6T holds the latest version of Android, the Android 9.0 Pie which is completely hidden under OxygenOS. This Android version when tested gave some of the faster experience than ever before therefore for the speed you need you can go with OnePlus 6T.

We cannot say that the latest flagship by Samsung the Galaxy S9 is slow in processing speed, it also holds the Android 8.1 Oreo which will have the great experience. Also, the users will have the option to upgrade their smartphone to the new version of Android, 9.0 Pie. From last 2 years, we saw that Samsung is lacking behind in fast updating the Android versions. Therefore, OnePlus have the feature of updating new Android version more quickly than other brands(Samsung).

More in S9?

Samsung is the brand which has made its worth in past years and still followed by the people, with this it has many great options such as Bixby voice assistant, VR support with Gear VR, and support for desktop-style work with Samsung’s DeX mode. Not only this it runs with your own expectation(Which you had from Android 8.0 Oreo), by also including the Google Assistant, isn’t it quite.

The OnePlus 6T has many new features with the latest Android version 9.0 Pie. With the above features, new gestures are also added in the new OnePlus 6T such as the owners will be able to pause music by drawing a pause sign on the lock screen, or take a screenshot with a three-finger gesture. Yes, the gestures are amazing, with this it has also focused on the gaming mode that gives users the best performance. It also cuts the blue light for a great gaming experience and also supports the users at night.

Therefore the users who love to play games and spend most of the time on it, they should try the new OnePlus 6T.

The new OnePlus 6T have the same camera and face-unlock feature which its last released phone OnePlus 6 was having but, the new feature which OnePlus 6T has added is the in-display fingerprint scanner.

It doesn’t have any difficulties, you just have to press on the lock screen and you will be logged in. The in-display fingerprint is the latest technology which many of the company are trying to have this features. 


The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is available in the market at the price starting $840 for the lowest model of 64 GB variant. whereas the new OnePlus 6T is out for $549 which will only support T-Mobile, AT&T, and other GSM networks.

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