Motorola Adds New Smartphone Models In The List: Moto G7, G7 Power, G7 Play

Published on February 7, 2019

There are many smartphones in the market but the question arises is that which one we should buy. But the major fact about the buyers is that they do not want to spend more money on a smartphone and with that less money they wanted a well-featured smartphone which suits them. This is normally impossible but somehow accepted by the market. There are many brands which are manufacturing great featured smartphone and that too in a very low price. The Chinese smartphone brands are emerging in the market and getting their positioned reserve in the market which is a great step. Other brands which have been ruling the market since a very long time such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia have been getting lower sales but now from last many months, all the brands are continuously focusing on the manufacturing of low-budget smartphone and that too with great features and display.

Leaving all this today a user visit the market by just taking a couple of hundred dollars in their hand, therefore for them the market has the best smartphone ever by Motorolla. Yes, Motorolla is in the leading of the race for manufacturing low-budget smartphone with great features. Motorola is getting more results for its model named Moto G. One thing which is a bit obvious is that this G model will have good display and features as it was also released earlier in the year 2013. Therefore now the G model has three new smartphones with the name as Moto G7, G7 Play, G7 Power and G7 Plus, no doubt that these all the models will give the best stuff in the market and will also attract maximum people.

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One thing which the buyer look for in their smartphone is the internal processor. Therefore now the very important question which arises is that does this G model has a good processor? The answer is yes because all the three models have not the latest but great processor which is the Snapdragon 632- fast and effective. Whereas if we compete for the last year’s model of Motorolla which was the Moto G6, it had a Snapdragon 450 which was somehow latest for the last year and that too with eight ARM Cortex-A53 cores. But now with the 632 processor of Snapdragon the user will get Qualcomm’s custom Kryo 250 cores which will work superb and will give a better performance than last year.

If you are looking for the lowest price smartphone within these three then Moto G7 is the one for you which just cost around $199 with great features. The interesting and attractive fact about the Moto G7 is that it has matte aluminium back which will give you the exact grip while holding your Moto G7. Along with all this, the Moto G7 holds the smallest notch over other models and also have a teardrop design. If you all are well aware of the design then you might be confused with the fingerprint scanner, but Moto has made it very clear that the Moto logo on the back side of the smartphone is the one which is the fingerprint scanner for the user. I think this feature is an interesting one in Moto Smartphones.

Above was the smartphone which gives somehow great feature but less than the Moto G7 Power which is the best in class and is available in the complete glass body which looks somehow shinning and attractive than other models. Buyers are more interested in a smartphone when they have a great color body, therefore, the Moto G7 Power also fulfils this by adding the Marine Blue color on the body which looks completely stunning. But one thing which has not been added is the wireless charging even after glass body. Moto officially added this point that wireless charging has not been added because Moto G7 Power has to do lot more in the market with less price tag.

The best thing which the G7 Power hold is the largest battery of 5,000 mAh which will normally be used for around 40 hours as said by Motorola itself as this will be good for the users itself. Also, this smartphone supports 15 W TurboPower charging which is more than the other models and also indicates to be charge as early as possible. Also when asked by Motorola about this they said that Moto G7 Power can run up to 8 hours when charged for 15 minutes which is somehow surprising for many other smartphones and their brands. We can say that for the competition between smartphones Motorola can win the battle.

Whereas if you will have a look for the design of Moto G7 you will somehow confuse between its design because from the far it somehow looks to be glass-like material but in actuality, it has the chrome-colored frame. From the reports, we also came to know that these reports have been made from the mixed material which includes, partially metal substance and partially plastic. Also, many other reports also said that this rear smartphone model is the best while give a great look and will feel exactly superb in hands of the user.

One of the most interesting thing which Motorola has added again and also for which the buyers might be waiting for is the Cinemagraph feature. This feature was added by Motorola in its Z-series model smartphones which get such great results in the market whereas let us wait for the demand for this feature and smartphone by the buyers. Basically, cinemagraph itself spells as the cinema(movie) now you can itself think that how will this will give you the moving image. One thing which was also mentioned in the reports was that Motorola has also added a new sticker in it which is Google’s AR sticker which helps the user to add animated objects on the top of the real world.

Alright so all the model of Moto G7 will available form the coming spring season and with all this, it will have the cost as the G7 Play will have the price of $199, the Moto G7 Power will have the price of $249 whereas the last one G7 has a slightly higher cost but less than $300 which is great to have an affordable too. Now you can buy the smartphone of Motorola because it has the latest feature and processor and also has the best price in the market which can be affordable by the people easily. Now Moto smartphones will also compete for all the Chinese smartphone brand in the race.

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