More about Samsung Galaxy S10: leaks and rumors

Published on November 29, 2018

Many days before, you must have got an update about the Samsung’s new flagship, named as Samsung Galaxy S10. S10 is titled as one of the most featured smartphones till date(ever manufactured by Samsung). With the leaks, Samsung also mentioned its new flagship launch and said that it will go fast and hard in the month of February when announced in the world’s largest event named Mobile World Congress. With this news, Samsung proudly announced that in the early period every model of Samsung, it only had 2 variant but now the flagship named S10 has around 4 variant which the user can have. It was mentioned earlier also that the S10 model by Samsung will be crossing all the limit for adding features and will also give great competition to other companies.

Many leaks were out about the new S10 model and it was found that the variant which was leaked it is supported as a dual-sim model(dual-sim support), also this leak was first found in Russia. You all must be wondering that why Samsung hasn’t revealed its other model for S10, it just that Samsung want to keep it confidential for the market and doesn’t want to open the surprise for the market. But, some things are good to reveal so that the user would wait and go for this model. The leaks include reports such that the phone will have a great display of 6.4-inch display which will be bezel-free as compared to others and the great screen resolution of 1440 x 3040-pixel resolution, and it is bit obvious that if S10 is named as the latest model then it will have some of the great features to which will enhance the screen display, therefore it has ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, you would also see this new technology of in-display fingerprint scanner in some of the Chinese company such as Vivo and OnePlus but as Samsung is reputed, market will prefer for Samsung. You can yourself think that if the fingerprint scanner is bound in-built the there would be a great feature on the rear side- yes Samsung Galaxy S10 holds three cameras on the rear side(while two on the front side), it has the 5 cameras in total.


The market also goes for the best model in the smartphone world whether it would Samsung or any other brand, the most important need to keep your feet in the market is to enable certification for your smartphone, the same was done by Samsung for its new Samsung Galaxy S10. It enables certification for the three model excepting the top end model. The most important thing is that certifications were got from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. But as mentioned above these three includes the two low models and one top model. Samsung said that this much news is sufficient for the users to decide that if they want to buy a smartphone or not. Also with the leak of the device the internal hardware and software configuration have not been discussed yet but it is sure that the dual-sim model will be available.

These are sufficient but with the regular update it was also found that many rumors were also out about the color option of Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung also decided to give users the option buy a smartphone in different colors which include black,  white, yellow, and green which seems to be one of the most innocent and attractive colors. These will be added to the premium models of S10 smartphone.

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10, the market will have great display till date because it is included with the new Infinity-O display design, this new technology is the latest and added only in the Samsung Galaxy S10 model. Some of you must be wondering that why it is used or what feature will it add, basically it creates a true all-screen phone with a small cut-out which is included for the front-facing camera. At last Samsung, sources said that it would definately give a perfect competition to the new models, such as iPhone XS.

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