MIT’s GPS can now locate hidden implants

Published on August 24, 2018

As per the researchers who are from MIT’s Computer Science AI Lab (CSAIL) which are developing the methods for using the wireless radio signals to detect the sensors which are inside the human body.  The ReMix system can be used to find the ingestible microchip implants which are a technique whose creators hope that they can someday assist with the medical imaging. It delivers the drug for specific parts of the body which tracks the movement of the tumours.

This study was present in the team’s findings which are being presented in this week at the SIGCOMM international conference in Budapest, Hungary. In this technology, it bounces off the radio signals off the patient which is used by an algorithm to track the implant. The main challenge is to determine the difference which is between the reflections from the skin as well as on the implant itself. The team of CSAIL uses a diode for creating a combination of the signals which can help to filter out the skin reflections. It can be capable of centimetre-level accuracy, as said by MIT as well as the implant does not have to transmit the own signal.

As per the initial tests, it shows that by placing the microchip which is inside a fake tumour as well as placing the same in a fake tumor in varying forms of the animal tissue. This new system was created with the collaboration with the researchers who are from Massachusetts General Hospital. As per professor Dina Katabi, who has led the study has got previously used this wireless signals to track the human movement or to measure the person’s breathing or heart rate through the walls.

The work done by the CSAIL’s is the latest development in this series of efforts which is done by exploring the potential applications of the radio waves which are implantable devices that could help people. In June the researchers of MIT has announced that the creation of the In Vivo Networking (IVN) system which is said to be a wireless system. This helps in giving the power devices which are implanted in the human body.

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