Mighty Vibe Spotify Music Player

Published on April 4, 2019

The Mighty Vibe Spotify music player is a game changer and offsets all the hiccups of its predecessors. The product is super easy to use and you might not even have to go through any user manual to grasp its functionality. To use this product, all you have to do is connect your Spotify account with Vibe and that’s all. You are ready to kick start your playlists!

The Vibe has an integrated clip that stocks downloaded Spotify podcasts and playlists. The device comes with a built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can easily connect it with your wireless accessories. The device also keeps a check on storage space, as to let you know the exact empty room you have left.

The product also contains a big and strong 30ft signal, making it powerful enough to stay connected with your device. Besides, the device also remembers the Bluetooth you have paired with so it can easily connect itself when needed. This is something which was not available with the previous products.

The battery life of this music player is much improved and you can easily play it along your intense and long workouts or meeting calls. A full charged Vibe can perform well for 5 hours before it asks for a recharge. Besides, the ability to sync your Spotify tracks and podcasts comes as a solid software update from the Bemighty technologies.

With the new Bluetooth software and a redesigned antenna the mighty vibe player would be the best fit for your music and daily needs. But before you actually go for purchasing this device, make sure that you are a premium Spotify user. This is because its audience is limited to users who have a premium subscription on Spotify. If you don’t have one, then it will additionally cost you $10 a month.

Photos by: Mighty

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