These Microsoft Office Hacks Will Turn You Into the King of the ‘Cube

Published on February 11, 2017

Microsoft Office is one of the oldest, biggest, most robust programs that you’ll use every day. The sheer size of the MS office suite is staggering – and so too is what you can do with it.

These 3 Microsoft office hacks will turn you from grunt to guru in no time.

Top 3 Microsoft Office Hacks

1. Word copy/paste

The good old copy-paste function on Word. Probably among the most used functions in the entire program, and one of the only ones that EVERYONE knows the keyboard shortcut for. In fact, ctrl-C/ctrl-V is so common now it’s almost entered our standard lexicon.

But did you know that you actually customize what happens when you copy and paste something?

To do this Microsoft Office hack all you need to do is go File>options>advanced.

There you’ll find your copy paste advanced options and you can choose what happens when you paste within the same document, between two different documents, and from external sources.

No more changing what happens when you paste every single time – change the setting once and never look back!

2. The power of Word styles

Another of the many Microsoft Office hacks that MS Word provides that you can steal is the use of templates.

Styles are those different fonts you see in a big bar at the top of Word all the time, usually called things like ‘bold quote’ and ‘title’.

But did you know you can customize that?

First, you can choose to alter the styles to suit your brand.

To do this Microsoft Office hack, right clicking on your style and click modify. Then make all the changes that you want (for example, changing the font so that all your branded documents have the same style titles). Then, make sure the box ‘new documents based on this template’ is ticked, and click ok.


Now, whenever you open a new document, all your saved styles will be there. You can also access them quickly with the shortcut ctrl + shift + 1 for heading 1, ctrl + shift + 2 for heading 2, and so on.

Finally, these can help you navigate a big document with the navigation menu (ctrl + F).

Your document will be split out into its separate headings there so you can click around quickly.

This is why even if you’re only using this for a simple style like a bolded font, it still pays to use these styles because they make all your other word process significantly faster.

3. Align your PowerPoint images FAST

The last of our Microsoft Office hacks isn’t from Word but rather PowerPoint. Have you ever been building a PowerPoint deck and been trying to align two images that WILL NOT ALIGN?

You end up zoomed up to like 400% moving an image pixel by pixel to get it just right and it’s pretty much the worst thing in the world.

Well, zoom in no more!

When you’re aligning two images so they’re perfectly square, all you have to do is select one image, hold shift and select the other the click Align (it’s under ‘picture tools/format in PowerPoint 2010 ) and decide how you want to align them.

Hacking MS Office doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is a little know-how and you can streamline your document processing to get great results in no time flat.

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