Microsoft to launch ‘Duke’ Controller for Xbox in March

Published on January 15, 2018

Redmond giant Microsoft is reportedly ‘re-releasing’ a new version of ‘Duke’ Controller for Xbox gaming consoles in March. The Controller will support all versions of Xbox One as well as Windows 10 devices. The exact date of the premiere has not been revealed yet, but it appears like the gaming console will be made available sometime in March.


According to a report published by PC Mag, the console is expected to cost around $70. In comparison to the standard Xbox One wireless controller, the Duke Controller is pretty expensive. One of the main reasons why the Duke Controller is so expensive is because it features an OLED display, unlike most of its predecessors.

It is still uncertain whether or not, the gamers will actually be able to use the screen for something more meaningful other than just displaying information. The firm has made several other changes to the Duke Controller, including the fact that it connects to Xbox consoles through standard USB cables only – not the proprietary ones that were supported by the older versions.

Apart from this, there is no exact space for the memory card slot that arrives in the gaming console either. The console supports two tiny shoulder buttons, placed right above on the device. Apart from this, there are two other additions that extend support for Xbox’s controller – which are tiny in size as well.

“Nintendo and other companies have released nostalgia products but those are … different types of exercises and I don’t want to criticize them but this is a much purer thing. This isn’t a nostalgia trip where you can play all your 8-bit games, this is the place we started from. You can play the most modern technology we’ve released with the most modern games we’ve released with this controller,” said Seamus Blackley, who helped create the original Xbox and spearheaded the resurrection of the Duke, in an interview with CNET.

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