Microsoft Headphones Are The Best Till Date: Buy These

Published on January 25, 2019

Headphones are the way to be cool when wearing and also they are awesome in use while watching movies and playing games as they give the best quality of sound with the complete sound background. You all must not aware but Microsoft has launched a new headphone which looks exactly stunning in the market and gave many another headphone brand a tough competition because of its sound quality as well as the base. The major thing which is added in this headphones is that there are complete noise-cancellation can which gives the best sound quality as well as opts the industry standard of the Bose QC35 as well as includes the new Sony WH-1000XM3 which is terribly amazing.

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On 24th we have got two new reports and the viral news regarding the high-end headphones from the most reputed companies and we say that they are launching the same speakers which are opted as Bose’s and Sony’s flagships which are planned to be launched in the year 2020. Yes, the Sonos is trying to copy the same as they have the base and are the manufacturer of some premium speakers in the market.

the other new reports which were rounded in the market is for the most reputed brand in the phone which is the Apple, we found that Apple is also focusing on to launch one of the premium headphones with the cans which will look stunning and also they are trying to set the market with their headphones. It looks somehow confusing because in 2014 as well Apple spends around $3 Billion for the beats and have fixed the market and made the sale of that brand in their store. But there can be done something as if Apple will release its new headphones it will give the great competition to its own products which were launched in the past.

Microsoft is the one which has kept its base in the market in terms of high variant headphone and gaming headphone and now Sonos and Apple are there for getting their records and base in terms of premium gaming laptops in the market. With this many other mid-range companies are also getting great results such as some electronics company, let us take an example of TCL are already there in the market for getting great results by giving the most budget and mid-tier market.

With this Google is also playing in the headphones market as they have launched two popular headphones which are Google Pixel Buds and Google Pixel USB-C earbuds which are amazing in the gaming experience and movie watching. But it doesn’t have the most of the features which high-end headphones provide such as they do not have an over-ear system, nor do they have noise-cancellation buds so that the user would get involved in the task and that too they are wired headphones, the quality of wireless smartphone is somehow amazing. Also if you will follow the reviews about Google Pixel headphones, they are not such great and somehow negative. Therefore if you are thinking to buy Google Pixel headphones change your plans and travel with Microsoft’s high-end smartphone.

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