‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ is on Sale as a 10 DVD Set

Published on July 17, 2020
Image Credit: [Aerosoft]

In August, when Microsoft Flight Simulator comes out, loyal fans of the iconic Windows program will have the opportunity to buy a physical copy of the soon to be released game. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be distributed in physical form on 10 DVDs. Yes. That’s right. You can actually get a physical 10 disc set of this game. If the assumption is made that these are double-layer DVDs (8.5GB), that means that the next version of Microsoft Flight Simulator will contain at least 80GB of game data. This 80GB figure is, of course, not taking into consideration the fact that the data on the disc is more than likely compressed. To put that into perspective, Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 required a hard drive that was at least 200MB (0.2 GB). The DVD set of Microsoft Flight Simulator is being created by a software publisher by the name of Aerosoft. Aerosoft scored a deal with Microsoft to distribute the game on the North American continent.

Although the DVD box set definitely induces quite a bit of nostalgia, it actually has some practical benefit. Because the files will be stored locally, that’s almost 100GB of data that people with really slow internet connections won’t have to wait forever to download. The DVD box set of Flight Simulator will be coming with a huge manual, as well.

We aren’t really sure if 10 discs is the record for a single game release, but it’s definitely near the top of not at the top of that list. I remember some Lucas Arts games coming in some rather large disc sets. Microsoft chose to go with 10 DVDs rather than 2 Bluray discs so that the game can be as accessible as possible. Not everyone has a bluray drive in there computer.

Featured Image Credit: [Aerosoft]

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