Light: About to introduce a Smartphone with up to nine cameras

Published on July 10, 2018

Light is the tech company that is the name behind the making of the incredible looking L16 camera Smartphone and is packed with 16 lenses all in one specific device. The reports suggest that the company is now experimenting with the prototype Smartphones featuring between five to nine primary camera lenses. According to the reports from the company light, the multi-lens array on its current prototype can help you take pictures up to 64-megapixel shots that will assure you of better performance during lowlight backgrounds and depth effects.

Light- About to introduce a Smartphone with up to nine cameras

When you look at the people focusing on taking photographs through cell phones these days, it can be understood that it is going to be favourable for the company Light who has original L16 camera struggling with the problems such as the average software and others. But, by incorporating the feature of multi-lens technology straight into the Smartphone making, the company can establish its technology better than a $2,000 camera changes towards the resembling side of the product apparition.

People these days, are looking for Smartphone devices that have a good camera and it doesn’t matter whether it has any more advanced features or not. Taking pictures has become an art in today’s generation, and it is only possible with a good quality Smartphone so that you do not have to add filters to get the right shade to upload on the social media sites.

The company is planning to continue with escalating the ongoing camera arms race among the Smartphone manufacturers that have seen the devices with more than two camera lenses such as the Huawei P20 Pro and the HTC U12 Plus that have four camera lenses. If you believe the rumours, the upcoming LG V40 is said to have a pack of five lenses into the frame between the front and the back of the cameras.

If any company wants to stuff some cameras into one phone, it is no other than Light. It is because, if you have already launched a 16 camera Smartphone, a nine-camera phone is not as stressful as it would sound for any other company. The Smartphone is known for its amazing camera specifications, and the company is said to manufacture more in the coming future and surprise its users like no other.

It is not going to take long for the announcement of the Smartphone with such camera technology and is expected to be launched anytime soon later this year. When the reports were out that light is building a Smartphone with five to nine cameras, it was nothing surprising for neither the users worldwide nor the critics because it is what is expected out of the tech brand.

Users can now have a super cool Smartphone with five to nine cameras on the back of the phone that will be released anytime by the next year. It is surely a competitive world where Light puts great challenges for the other Smartphone brands that are grossing these days.

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Light- About to introduce a Smartphone with up to nine cameras
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