LG’s patent for iris scanner suggests its presence in upcoming LG G7

Published on December 9, 2017

LG was one of the most known brands which introduced the bezel-less display in its flagship smartphone LG G6. The smartphone carries an 18:9 aspect ratio to provide almost negligible bezel all across the screen. Now some rumors and patent highlights suggest that LG might be introducing Iris scanner in its upcoming flagship of G7.


The image is just a concept image.

The patent application filed by the company as showcased by LetsGoDigital explains how the company is introducing the iris scanner. If this feature if Iris scanner came into action then works fine, then this could be the most reliable protection for your sensitive data stored on your mobile phone. We all know that companies are working to increase the security levels of a smartphone just like Apple did by introducing Face ID. LG is now all set to add a new unlocking feature in its G7, and this feature will allow some applications to open only after scanning the Iris of the actual owner of the smartphone.

The patent report also details that the advanced iris scanner will also capture the size of the iris in both situations at expansion and at shrinkage both. The scanner might be using the light emission inside the iris to get the print of iris of a user. As this iris scanner works with infrared lights thus, LG has developed a camera with can switch from an infrared to a regular one very conveniently. This will reduce the number of sensors needed and hence will decline the size of the bezel on the top of the G7.

The company might be introducing this smartphone at CES 2018. The official confirmation is still awaited, but as according to the reports the company is planning for an early launch of G7 before any other company introduces this technology of iris scanner. If this iris scanner works well, then this could be the most robust unlocking feature which may defeat Apple’s Face ID. Let’s see how far successfully LG will introduce this feature in its LG G7.

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LG G7 With Iris Scanner
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