LG Unveils New 2023 OLED TVs: Should You Get One?

Published on January 10, 2023

During CES 2023, we looked in-depth at LG’s newest G3 and C3 models of flat screens. In the text below, you can find a summary of the features both TVs offer and our initial thoughts.

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LG’s G3 and C3 OLED TVs are causing a lot of buzz for 2023. The C2 OLED TVs had five-star ratings in the previous year and triumphed at the What Hi-Fi? Awards. People are now eager to know the price difference between the C3 and G3 models. The G2 model was also highly acclaimed in 65-inch size. LG has made some exciting advancements in terms of picture quality for the upcoming year. 

At CES 2023, we were able to take a look at both G3 and C3 OLED TVs, and our first impressions are detailed below.


There is little contrast between the 2023 G3 and the G2 series of last year in terms of design, but the C3 has had some changes. The G3 has a slim, attractive figure and is designed to be mounted on the wall with the help of the “Zero Gap” mount. 

However, there is a different stand for the G3, which is an optional purchase. Concerning the LG C3 OLED, the stand that is provided is almost the same as before. Still, this year, LG is offering the optional Dolby Atmos soundbar, known as the SC9, for the C3, which is especially suited for the 55-inch and 65-inch versions and can be wall mounted or placed underneath the screen. 

The same remote control from last year is used for the C3 and G3, which is great as we already enjoy the motion control and scroll wheel configuration.

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Web OS Operating System

LG has made changes to the design of its WebOS operating system for the year 2023. The number of pages that display content has been cut down from three to two, and folders known as Quick Cards have been added to help organize related features and apps. 

Furthermore, the Personalised Picture Wizard has been introduced to help users customize their screen’s image without navigating through the menus. 

A customizable Quick Mode is also available to allow users to access picture modes, sound modes and input selection easily. This is accessible through a pop-out menu on the left of the screen so that the effects of the settings can be seen or heard.


LG’s Alpha 9 AI Processor Gen 6 is the underlying force of both C3 and G3, granting them various picture-enhancing abilities under the name ‘Alpha Reality’. 

AI Super Upscaling Pro is one of those features, designed to improve the quality of lower-than-4K resolution images by reducing noise and preserving grain. OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro takes it a step further, partitioning the image into 20,000 different blocks–a significant jump from the 5000 blocks the Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor in the C2 model could deal with. 

The G3 model also has the advantage of a Micro Lens Array layer, which improves the focus of the light emitted by the OLEDs and increases brightness. Moreover, the G3 has a heatsink that the C3 lacks, further boosting intelligence. 

The G3 and C3 are kitted out with four HDMI 2.1 ports that provide 4K/120Hz, ALLM, and VRR support, with Dolby Vision gaming and HGiG mode, likely supported up to 4K/120Hz as well.


At CES 2023, my television demos were restricted to a small content selection. However, the overall response to both models was positive. 

The C3 handled the nighttime cityscapes with neon and bright lights with ease. The set was able to produce a sharp image with vibrant colors in the lighter parts of the screen and deep blacks in the darker spots. Another clip displayed an orchestra in a dimly lit room with yellow and orange hues. 

The TV could regulate the different colors and manage the details in the front of the stage. I was not given a chance to watch the same scene on the G3 to compare. Instead, it was used to demonstrate its Micro Lens Array technology’s extra brightness. The colors were bright. However, it remains to be seen how the display will perform with a broader range of content and more natural-looking scenes.

Initial Assessment

It is challenging to evaluate two of LG’s newest OLED TV models by merely watching a brief demonstration in a hotel suite. However, it would be surprising if the C3 and G3 did not become renowned products in 2023. 

On paper, the two models have a significant difference in terms of picture quality. The most intriguing aspect is the cost and the disparity between the C3 and G3 and whether the G3’s performance level is worth the added cost. The only way to determine this is to conduct a comprehensive examination in the test lab.

Furthermore, the G3 uses Micro Lens Array technology to display exceptionally bright 2000 nits. Andy, the Deputy Editor of What Hi-Fi?, has an extensive background in consumer electronics journalism and has written for several other platforms, including The Sunday Times, BBC, Stuff, and BA High Life Magazine. He likes premium wireless earbuds and car tech and can regularly be seen driving around the countryside to test out the latest systems. Andy is also an avid golfer and gamer in his free time.

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