Lenovo To Release New VR Headset Recently

Published on January 18, 2020
Image Credit: The Verge

Lenovo is never known to be the best in the field of virtual reality. But the company seems to be trying its best to achieve the best. According to the recent reports, the company is again trying to release a new VR Headset to the market. The new product will be Lenovo VR3030S and is the upcoming standalone VR headset of the company.

The term Standalone refers to the capacity of the device to work on its own. Unlike any other device of the Lenovo, it will not require the plugin of a phone or a PC. The processing power of the PC is rightly built-in and does not require any support. The previous VR devices of Lenovo are the Mirage Solo and the Oculus Quest. The reason for the failure of the Mirage Solo was relying on the Daydream VR platform of Google.

Lenovo and its unlucky bets of Virtual Reality

If the unlucky bets of Lenovo come into discussion, it is unknown it was behind the Oculus Rift S headset. As the FCC filings are not offering any further details, the recent standalone VR headset is a matter of curiosity. 

Lenovo will soon be on the submitting site of the FCC certification documents for the new set of the VR controllers also. The Mirage Solo is also relying on the wands built by Google. Lenovo never was seen to be winding up on having built its own simple two-button sticks. 

The two-button stick was further used in the second-generation Mirage AR headset with Disney. Lenovo also has a licensing deal with Sony for the Oculus headset that the same set of the headband as it is in the play station VR. The global wait for the Lenovo VR3030S will soon end and also will end all the speculations of the market.

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